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The controls to fire were reversed for the two players, but the game looks good!

This game is weird. Good job!

I feel like the punch didn't do enough to make it worth while, but the button mash racing + sounds were quite fun!

This environment looks really good, and the lighting in particular is great!

Gameplay was simple but I think it works. This looks really nice!

I love how polished this bootleg is! Really nice game.

Really nice visuals! A bit confusing, but running around and figuring it out was fun!

It looks like the font I used for the timer and scores didn't get exported, which is why they'd be off the screen. It should look like the screen shot, and I'm reuploading a fixed version now!

Having the controls there on the side helped a ton! Liked the audio a lot.

Gameplay is pretty simple but makes sense. Wish there was better feedback when you actually hit the target. This is the best title I've seen!

I wish there were more opportunities to hit the player with my walker (It only happened once over the course of the game). Design is pretty good though, and I really like the concept!

This is Smash Bros in its truest form.

This game nailed the bootleg feel!

I kept expecting a charged shot to go through multiple boxes. Gameplay and visuals felt tight!

The sounds and characters were great!

These sounds are beautiful.