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I like puzzle games where you have to figure out the mechanics as you go (one of my faves that exemplifies this is “Statik” for PSVR).  I think your game does this pretty well.  While there were some confusing or frustrating parts, for me that’s just par for the course with puzzle games and the payoff came when I got to the “a-ha” moment and figured it out.  If you’re trying to eventually market this towards the casual gaming market, I think it might come off as a little too challenging or frustrating, but for people who like puzzle games I think you nailed it.  

Great fun!  Fantastic!

Really enjoyed this.  Good aesthetic, good challenging gameplay.  

Very fun!  Rhythm and music games are some of my favorites.

I like the atmosphere and the retro feel.  Love games like this.  Only suggestion I would have is that when the player presses a button when a text box is printing out the text, maybe just auto-complete the text instead of closing down the text box altogether without finishing the message.  That's the only gripe I had, and I suppose that's on me because I'm impatient!!

Interesting mechanic, having to watch what your character is doing as well as which keystrokes you have to input.  Good job!

Great graphics!  Nice job.