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Hey thanks for taking the time to make this nice video. I’m glad you enjoyed it and yes, the first round was most definitely a bug! 

Hey man, thanks. I really enjoyed watching your video and appreciate the good feedback. Cheers!

Yes, I got it working, good job!

I wish I had an android phone to test...

I love the speed at which you run, it creates some tension.

You really want those shoes!

Application freezes then gets killed by windows. I can try with other settings to see what happens.

It crashes for me in the beggining when Kitty goes through the door...

I guess it's a very good way to learn how to make terrain, keep going!

Hey, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :) 

I agree with everything you said. My main focus was to test this silly idea at the same time as testing the whole publishing process. If I get lots of download and interest from it, I might turn it in a real game with content and better levels. The whole thing was done in 2 weeks.

Hey y'all! I joined because I want to do a little one week jam and this theme fits my purpose. I checked the twitter, there's not much there yet, I'll be posting my weird stuff once I have some. If you want to follow me, I am @LeHubertGames.