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Feels like game died after kickstarter. No twitter posts, no replies. Looks like will have to wait for ac7 after all =(

Hi again. Finally tried out the new version ) Visual part is way better right now, though ive seen some glitches, like flickering buddy aircraft. Rain effect from 3rd person dont feel like rain, but more like artifacts on screen, from cockpit its great though. Engine exhaust looks way too bright in my opinion, thats kinda distracting if u prefer 3rd person. Difficulty in current version is pretty high, considering very limited missiles and gun ammunition (was very surprised when ran out of ammo). You definitely should consider difficulty selection ) Also couldnt find how to disable controller vibration, cause its bad right now ( Minor issues here and there, but visually this game is better, then anything currently available on pc in this genre, so imo its time to add content. You will have all the time in the world to constantly improve visual part, while ppl enjoy shooting stuff. Would also be cool to implement client updater if possible.

Mouse control feels very plane dependent and it was great only on f15, su is weird with mouse.

Too bad theres only 1 playable plane in current version, but quality is way better then before.

Game runs nice and smooth on i7-6700 and 980, stable 60+ without any spikes whatsoever on max settings.

Great job polishing most aspects from 0.21109. You know yourself that this game has really nice potential and i hope you will continue support and update client more often :P

Cant wait for that next version ) Checking twitter/tumblr and itchio several times a day.. Really hope to see all those things you mentioned in your posts, like night mission, snowy mountain landscape, mouse controls and SU )

Tryed out a mouse contol and it feels great ) Exact camera movement i wanted. Would be cool if you could leave manual control in this mode (pitch/yaw). Also a plane shakes too much in mouse mode and not only while burning.

p.s. How often do you update the client ?

Hi, found this game yesterday while checking for something new about AC7. Instadownloaded and checked it out ) This indeed feels like AC and i really love it, cause there are NO arcade jet games on pc in years (ACAH is not a game). I think now im looking forward for this game even more then AC7 itself and i wish you all the best to make it really awesome.

A bit about my feeling about current version:

  • sound effects for missile lock and yourself being locked are very loud and even irritating
  • keyboard controls are sad. You may want to consider customisation for that one. And yeah, i know it should be played with controller, but still )
  • Aerial combat feels a bit slow. Id love to see something from AC, like "high G" or maybe even more advanced moves which you could "unlock" with XP or playthrough.
  • As long as you just have textures for ground, it would be cool to have a night desert or naval map with lots of clouds, maybe even storm, so we could enjoy the "trueSky"
  • Missiles feel too agile at start. Arent they supposed to fly straight at first ) Also missile trail color is weird for me.
  • Would also be cool for plane to be less static on the screen and make something with camera while turning

Game is running at stable 60 with no spikes or lags

I7-6700k, GTX980, 16GB DDR4

I wish i knew english better, so i could describe everything properly =(

Keep up the fantastic work, i have faith in you )