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so did you patch it?

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There's a typo that I found while editing this. When mousing over a tape, it says "Grap Tape" instead of "Grab Tape".

Scariest game I've played so far. 

The buildup and dread was incredible, but the conclusion was not.

Also the TV was unnecessarily sexual.

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Quite a good game. I ran into a bit of a problem though at the end; when I went backwards in the "welcome home" segment it would just loop infinitely and nothing happened ever.

in other words, i cant get up.

do you have the controls written down somewhere? my bird mama, poor her, was flailing around on the ground helplessly until i quit the game in pity.

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#DEMA do the elevators being closed mean anything? like bill wanting to move up in his job but being shut off from that or something?