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lol I'll try

Yup! just updated it, thank you :)

yo! so glad to hear that. happy to see there are people still interested in the project even after no updates for 2 years, unfortunately online multiplayer has not been the easiest to understand and implement. Hopefully I can get some progress in and release the game within this year!!

Omg Thank you very much!!! We made it in 10 days actually. Glad you enjoyed it!


Thank you very much!!

Oh! this was made a long time ago as an experiment, I didn't realize people would be interested in this. All of my games are short but I suggest you try out another game, thank you for playing!!!

oh awesome! glad to hear

lol you never asked me to remind you

Oh i don't know how i missed this thank you very much for the kind feedback really appreciate it 


Thank you, there were a few stuff that were made like animations that would play after a task is done and a highlighter and an arrow that points towards the task but we couldn't finish the jam in time and we didn't have much enthusiasm to finish it after the jam so i think it turned out like a funny but also buggy experience where you run around from the boss 

Thank you very much!! the game doesn't have much content right now but we are planning to expand it in the future

no worries lol it happens

Thank You!!

You can Move the camera with Aswd or Arrow Keys or Middle mouse

it did turn out Very easy but it was quite fun seeing random froggos and you have a chromebook?

Thank You Nommles Made The Art :D

Thank you :D

well i said that because you said you were the brain dud- nevermnid

The organs are nothing without the brain ;)


sorry, yes i didn't make any new changes for this round. i was busy with other long term projects and didn't have an idea thank you for playing it again though :D

:D thank you very much that is a great time

Oh Hello There, Yes The Whole Drag Script Is A Little Bad, So I Have Decided To Rework The Whole System So I Will Look Into Fixing That.

And Yes The Hat Easily Blends in with The Background I Wanted To Fix it But I Kept It Since It Didn't serve any actual Gameplay Purpose I Decided To Keep It in. Thank you very much for the valuable feedback if i get to work on this in the future i will surely take all of this into account :D

thank you very much super excited for the next round!

Also, please don't murder your follower dudes :(

Oh Yes, Actually I Was Working More On The Game And Fixed Everything you listed here 😅 And I Used The A* Pathfinding Project For Unity To Give The Friends A Little More Life :D

Glad You Played The Game Thank You Very Much Appreciate it. I Really Enjoyed Your Game Get The Heal :D

hmm sure i will try it out?

thank you :D

thank you jonas tyroller made it :D


if you say so :D

:O HOW DARE YOU PLEASE STOP BREAKING MY GAM- I mean oh thank you very much for playing i will look into fixing it 

hello, um can i know how to reach the axe...

no worries sleep comes first

thank you very much jonas tyroller made it, i actually played your game and i was playing it for 30 mins, i was getting some huge horror vibes great job on that i especially thought the snake was going to jumpscare me lol

how sed. lol thank you very much jonas tyroller made it

thank you very much planning to expand it by making it longer and challenging :D

the game slaps great work the sound effects are very satisfying and its super cool but i think you can just endlessly smack them all so if there was a win state i think it would be great