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Shuriken: bounces from enemy to enemy twice, then comes back at the player, allowing you to parry the shuriken back into another enemy.

Just doing damage doesnt really add to gameplay, making it have new mechanics does however (i might be wrong here but im 99% sure)

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IMO, for the style heading towards, it just lacks mechanics. something like a shockwave that knocks enemies away just a little bit after parrying could add depth. I dont think it feels off as much as it feels empty. And i genuinely believe that this concept has HUGE potential.

wdym it sucks?  it feels great and is actually fun! i want more!

hi fellow gamer

3 things:

an ability to remove plants would be nice

a score of some kind to show how long youve survived

balancing pls bc right now sunflowers become useless like 5 minutes in

but well made tho and its also nicely polished

i got a lag spike and jumped really high, definitely framerate dependant.

75 on pc, 120 on laptop.

im holding space and i cant get over it?

incredible gameplay

283 lol

Sooo, the post processing is off by default... You'll have to go into settings to activate it lol...

i want chocolate

great game

do we really exist...

is it just an empty void, filled with nothing but meaningless masses of meat drifting through wherever a predetermined universe blows it towards?

is there... none at all?

what is the meaning of everything?

why do i live?

why did i comment "balls"

am i really the first to comment?


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You should change your materials shaders from standard to diffuse or diffuse bumped to remove specular reflections because PSX games dont have those.

you might also want to remove realtime shadows entirely.

really well made game, i had lots of fun playing it, it would be really fun to be able to grapple onto moving enemies and i think the movement needs some work but overall it was about 8/10.

great game

that was too scary.

spend more time on it please i want to see this as a full release

good game!

epic gamer moment

cool and pog

low-effort meme

i just wanted to know when i have already uploaded the game and submitted it if i can edit the game before the deadline?