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Added discription to the game page. Try Winrar to extract game.

Funny little clicker, but missing some sfx and music. Good luck in your next projects!

Very impressive game, good narrative. As Vedak says before - a bit bare gample serve story and atmosphere. Also music was good addition.  Good luck in your next projects!

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Good project but missing some sfx and music. Good luck in yours next projects!

Funny easter egg! Game a little buggy but it's very good for you first jam. Good luck in your next projects!

It's good prototype for great mobile game. Good luck in your next projects!

Good game, interesting idea, missing some sfx and music. Good luck in your next projects!


I see you work, so don't worry

thanks =)

Yes already rehosted

i think host a separate jam is good idea

thank you for review =)

wow! thanks you for review =)

Game have very interesting yarn mechanic ! Trying to speedrun it for video but level 9 was too painfull for me :x

Also found some bugs: you stuck in loop if you press restart button while you ignite yarn. Also restart button can produce audio glitches. And check video in post to see another bug that i met. But don't forget - one name it "bug", other name it "feature" :giggle:

So even with "features" game was very fun and interesting to play. 

Good luck to you in your next games!

Thank you for feedback and for playing my game :)

Thank you for playing my game. For the UI i used PICO8 pallete, for 3d stuff just random colors :D

So you can refuel ship, just go to Station (behind spawn point).

Also you need upgrade ship maximum speed. To do that you need collect cases that drops from blocks and go to  Station.