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This is not the place to be asking this.

Oh I see what you mean. When you said "A bit off" I thought you were talking about another animation that was already in the Character Generator.

That animation is indeed not in the Character Generator. I was only able to include so many animations to be preview-able due to UI space limitations so I chose the animations I thought were most useful. I also didn't include it because it required another object (The shopping cart) which added another layer of complexity to displaying the animation.

The shopping cart animation isn't a preview-able animation in the Character Generator. The closest animation to that one is the pickup animation. Is that the one you're talking about?

I'm afraid not. The Character Generator is a standalone application which cannot be added to existing projects. However other's have suggested this in the past and I'm open to looking into it further in the future.

There's currently no way to change the output file path. Characters are always stored at "C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\<company name>/<application name>".

The folder is always easily accessible within the Character Generator. you can find it either through the info tab > "Saved Characters". Or by clicking the "Open File location" button after saving a character.

Alrighty, glad the warning went away!

Character Generator dev here! does the warning appear specifically on the Character Generator 2.0? Not any of the other folders? Also what does the warning say?

The newest theme is in a separate download. Once the theme has been finished its then added to the main Modern Exteriors download folder

Ya a few people have mentioned that. Sadly that adds an additional level of complexity to the tool I'm not prepared to handle yet. Maybe in a future update though!

Yup it works in Unity! I've personally used it for many projects.

Surprisingly fun! I just randomly found this on my home page not expecting much but this was actually really well made. Nice job!

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Thx! Ya know I originally used your character generation tool when creating the first Character Generator. Now it's come full circle lol

Credits are indeed mandatory. The link is preferred but if you're unable to include a link I'm sure simply putting his name (LimeZu) + the name of the asset pack (Modern Exteriors) will suffice.

Could this be the secret update to Modern Interiors 👀?!
Seriously tho this looks like it could belong in Modern Interiors lol

Once you purchase the complete pack (Paying $1.50 or more) you get full access to every single theme including the Museum.

You shouldn't have any issues if you slice them grid by cell size 16x32

Hey there! Portrait Generator dev here! I tried adding support for Mac while developing the Portrait Generator however I wasn't able to get around Apples security requirements without paying for an Apple developer account which cost $100 a year which sadly isn't worth it as I'm not earning any money off of the Portrait Generator aside from the initial commission I recieved

Look like it's been taken down!

That one in particular is a guard/cop as shown in the museum theme, tho sadly none of the emotes have any descriptions for what they actually are, you'll just have to guess

LimeZu's not longer working on Modern Interiors, however a new Modern Characters (Or something along that name) is planned in which this cool be added.

Oh don't worry they're coming (Check the Discord)

This is great info for anyone to know, thanks for sharing.

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I'm not sure I fully understand, for most use cases you can just download the main Modern Interiors folder which contains everything in the Modern Interiors pack.

If you're using RPG Maker there's a separate folder there for you which has been modified to work with that engine specifically.

The Character Generator is a tool (Created by me) which makes creating characters easier, in the main Modern Interiors folder there are characters but they are all split into different parts which you need to manually combine together, the Character Generator is simply a software to help you create characters without having to go through that process.

Hope I understood your question correctly and was able to answer it, let me know if I miss understood the question.

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What do you mean by "Big head"? There's only one head size, bodies, eyes, and outfits don't change the size of the character at all, hairstyles may often make the character slightly bigger and some accessories may add some extra to the character but it should always fit a 16x32 cell size.

Edit: By big head I'm guessing you meant hat, correct? if so then I see what you're saying, some hairstyles don't go well together with hats, but I'm afraid if you want it fixed you'll have to edit them yourself as they're not being worked on anymore.

Once you purchase the pack on all you need is to give credit to LimeZu by attaching a link to his page

But it feels cheap, at least re-word it

How about you don't copy LimeZu's license word for word?

As per the license shown on this page and in the Read Me file you can use Modern Exteriors for commercial purposes as long as proper credit is given


This looks amazing! I'm so glad you set up a Patreon, you deserve it after all the work you've done 💖

I'm afraid that's a mistake, there is currently no Mac builds for the Portrait Generator, I attempted to make one but due to Apple's restrictions I was unable to.

... Interesting

LOL pretty sure the errors were already there but I added the other logs

Haven't heard that question here before lol

Enjoy your break LimeZu 💖,  I wonder what on earth Modern F could be 😉

PS this post having a different background color really tripped me out at first lol

Are you using the free version?

Ya i saw your response, thx for the info, now I can actually beat the game lol

pretty fun, tho I think the endings broken, when I reset the password the new password doesn't work

How come? There's a custom folder dedicated to that game engine for compatibility

LimeZu uses a tool called Aseprite, it's a paid art software for creating pixel art, it's also on steam BTW