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Oh that looks really pretty!

This was already my favourite overworld tileset, and it just keeps getting better! 

Thats absolutely fine, just seemed a shame to see such a beautiful background not being used, would you mind if I turned the background into multiple layers myself and used those for my project?  I really love this asset, its so cool and has such a nostalgic feel to it :D

Yeah a crouch, stand flat against the wall and perhaps a ladder/edge climb would really finish of the stealth movement

Hi I was just wondering if the background layers were available? I would love to use them and turn them into a parallax background if they weren't already. Thanks

I  bought your bundle the other day, these characters are so much fun!

This is the #1 item on my wish list, as soon as funds allow I will be purchasing this. The animations look so good. If at any point you needed to create  additional paid animation asset packs for this character, I would happily buy them all. So many assets on this website are msising vital animations but this is shaping up to be an impressive list!

Ideas for V4: Climb ladder, Swimming & tread water, weapon attacks, melee, casting animations, consume potion/food, talk/convo, crafting

That looks gorgeous, time to buy this beautiful asset!

Those previews look amazing, it will be great to have a unified style. Thanks for the hard work I am excited to play around with these!

I mentioned this 3 years ago :)

I will buy any and all assets you make in this style, I absolutely love it.

The preview looks incredible. I have no plans for a top down game but I am definitely going to buy this when I get paid at the end of month!

These look siiick!! As soon as I get paid I am buying this along with the monster pack. I can't wait to play with these assets, they are too good!!

Every asset you have released is pure gold. Love your art style and palettes. Can't wait to play around with this, thank you so much!

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These are really pretty, will you be expanding this set
with more survival/crafting type items?

This is amazing, so are all of your other packs. I have no idea how I have not come across them before!

I don't see anything thats obvious

The logs were completely empty

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Nice project Mark! There appears to be a bug with the sky, it constatly flashes purple and gets drawn over the floor and rest of the sky. This happens when moving or stopped. Im running Firefox version 99.0.1

Thank you thats very generous

This is great, thank you for sharing this, very generous! Impressive list of animations too, the only additional ones I can think of that would be really useful are climb ladder, wall slide, edge grab/hang and edge climb.

I'm going to add this to my sega mega drive game, it looks like it could be the perfect fit :D

You can edit it yourself you know, what you are asking for is a very unusual and bespoke feature

Amazing asset, I'm going to have lots of fun playing around with this. The character portrait is a really nice addition and the animation list is really impressive. Great work!

Amazing, thankyou for this

I'm going to buy this later today, it looks great. Some cheese would be a nice addition e.g. a wedge shape with holes in.

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I will buy all of that, I have been waiting so long for a set like this :D

For what you get, this is actually very cheap

Thank you very much, he looks great!

Unreal Racing community · Created a new topic Feedback

Very impressive, I had way too much fun driving around. The physics feel amazing, perfect balance of arcade sliding and handling. Do you have any plans to make or release a tutorial on how you did this? Or even sell the physics engine once the game is complete? I have always wanted to recreate the games from my youth but never managed to get the physics to feel right. Looking forward to the next release!

This is an amazing asset, thanks!

I modified it somewhat and was able to get it working on the Sega Mega Drive..

Got to floor 18.. it starts getting tough but didn't have enough heals, prob could have gotten further

This is so similar to a game I had been making on and off for the last year, except mine is card based and nowhere near as polished/balanced or fun as yours! Love it :D

This is absolutely amazing thank you!

That sounds like its caused by file permissions, e.g. your students don't have  write permission in that directory. Might be wrong but definitely worth ruling out.