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Do you have a demo available? 

I would like to buy this but struggling financially at the moment so I'm a little hesitant. I am also confused how the fusion works.. Minesweeper rules allow any Minesweeper puzzle to be solved. What does the addition of Nonogram offer? That should surely just make it even easier to solve so I assume there is a twist, very curious as I love a good puzzle game! :D

Beautiful set as always, will definitely be buying your bundle once I return to work.

FYI in your preview image, the icon & shadow doesn't have a shadow.

Really nice clean font, thanks for sharing!

This is lovely, I'm a massive fan of micro assets and you've done a really good job :D

Forgot to mention, regarding the preprocessing, in GMS2 I used tilemap bit masking to store cull bits for the vertical edges:

Nice job so far. This caught my interest as I have written pixel perfect collision more times than I care to remember and always keen to see what others have done.

To solve your problem with pushable crates on slopes.. you should preprocess the level to remove solid vertical edges that touch. Then when you detect a collision on the x axis, you check the facing edge first. If its been culled you can ignore that tile, otherwise you collide against it.

Does your engine handle pushing multiple crates, e.g. push one crate into another and they all move and collide? I have an engine with that working but it caused a few headaches!

Also just curious, I notice you have blue markers and a green horizontal line, are these used for the collision checks?

Good luck with your sales, this is a very reasonable price for the features you have offered.

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This is beautiful, the more I look at it, the more I fall in love. I had to purchase this straight away! Also just bought your arcade pack and I already own your font pack. Great work, really looking forward to see what else you release :D 

Nice, this produces some interesting terrain, kinda feels like a sea bed. 

Have you heard of the diamond square algorithm? It generates a heightmap using fractals and produces really nice results. It's also incredibly easy to implement!

looks very similar to

Just bought it, thanks :D

Oh cool, a couple of additions that would be really useful for me would be:

  • Attack combos with sword/staff etc (the actual weapons don't have to be included, just the motion trail would suffice)
  • Attack magic (forward thrust kind of thing)
  •  Wall slide
  • Ledge grab
  • Roll forwards/backwards (for dodging enemy attacks)

Would be more than happy to pay for these as an extension pack :)

Really nice animations, definitely purchasing this later when I get home. Do you have any plans to expand this further?

Nice pixels! I really like these thanks

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The right hand also suffers from a shadow blink in the idle anim. Amazing looking boar however!!

This is awesome, take my money! :D

Really nice asset! FYI the orange leafy slope and rock to leaf straight transitions are 1 pixel off on the Y axis (need shifting up).

I rated as soon as I bought it :) Do you have plans to release expansions for this character in the future?

Wow, this is incredible! Such beautiful, clean animations. Love it :D

Wow this is a really nice asset, looks very pretty and as a developer its great having such a complete pack. Thank you, cant believe this is free!

I notice the tree in the screenshots is different to the one in the sprite sheet, is that a part of this pack?

These are nice, do you have any plans to add a death animation?

Wow this is a really nice asset, very pretty! 

This is amazing, thank you very much!

Looks nice, is this going to be added to your Patreon page?

Looks really good, definitely going to buy this when I get home from work. Are the particle animations included?

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Oh wow, this is so similar to a physical game I have made inspired by Card Crawl. Spooky! Love it though, tough as nails

Yeah I realised this after I played around with them, I managed to double the stair count. Whilst I lost some of the beauty in your stairs, they look more visually acceptable if I take the lazy option and implement their collision as 45 degree slopes! I am really excited whenever I see a new asset pack being released, I cant wait for my Christmas holidays so I can start playing around with them in my engine :D

Do you have any plans for an enemy/boss pack to help boost the existing ones with the packs you have released so far?

I'm loving this, colours are fantastic! My only criticism is that the stairs appear to be a little too big for the player but they do look good!

Yeah I did, perfect thanks I'll just have to be more patient! :)

Very happy to see slope tiles have been added to these packs, will you update your assets from other stores too? (I sadly purchased this one elsewhere and its still at V1)

Awesome thank you very much, your 2:1 slopes are so much better than mine (not surprising!) really appreciate you adding these. No worries, I'll rate all of my purchases from your store. Take it easy!

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Thanks, this will be useful. I'm currently attempting to extend this by adding some 22.5 degree slopes, whilst they don't look anywhere near as good as your 45 degree slopes, using yours as a starting point is a massive help for a non pixel artist like myself :)

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I have noticed there are a number of animation frames that show as completely black and when opened in an art program there is nothing there at all. I have tried downloading and extracting these again but they are still the same. Could these be corrupted or are they intentional?


Player FX Dust
Wall Jump_wall jump_5

Pick Up_pickup_5

Monk Death_Monk Death_7

I have also noticed a number of frames from the rogue lite asset pack are the same, I haven't been through them all yet though, didn't want to waste my time if it wasn't necessary.

Kind regards,

Many thanks, these additions will be very useful. I am eagerly looking forward to any and all side scroller asset packs you release in the future, they are proving to be very useful for prototyping and developing my engine.

Oh wow this came at the perfect time, thanks :D Just purchased your bundle :) I'm really impressed with the extensive list of animations and I feel cheeky even asking but would it be possible to request a few additional animations? I would be happy to pay extra for them.

1) Swim + Tread water (idle)

2) Pushing e.g. a crate (while walking)

3) Wall slide

Thanks again!

This is awesome! The animations are so fluid, really impressed. Looking forward to seeing updates

The price tag isn't unreasonable at all... you get 50 monsters by one of the top pixel artists around and when you work it out, its only $4 a monster. You will be hard pressed to find cheaper with the quality these monsters have. Their designs alone are impressive enough! He also isn't forcing you to buy them.. As for the lack of animations, that isn't too much of a problem, you can easily hire someone to do that for you. It would be pretty challenging to produce generic enough animations to suit everyone's needs and that would then just inflate the price further.

Awesome, I am looking forward to your next release!

I assume he just meant visually, i.e. the roof overlay looks too big for the frame of the interior.. but that's a just a matter of perspective! :P

Either way, this pack looks amazing and I had to buy it. I am loving this series and have bought all of your assets, what do you have in mind for the next release?

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I love it when pixel art makes you think "I need to make a game with this!" Really love it!