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I fell asleep late at night cause that music was playing 馃き

Anyone knows what background music is playing at Dallan's route where they sit down and theres butterflies around them?

Kane 馃槶 finally it happened!!

Yeah it works! Thank you for the update 馃憤

Build 16 mobile crashes when the app is opened.

idk 馃拃 but I do remember me outting the same ones per different versions 

Cheat sheet: 









Ignore its that in case I accidentally delete my notes 馃拃

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馃椏and here I thought you unlock it by going Devons route...

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You mean u open the app and it closes instantly when it starts ? If so it might be ur phone.

Despite the developers telling in the description this game contains sexual assaults you still played the game, idk why you're mad at them and their game.

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(1).apk 馃椏

Tbh it clearly says 18+ idk why you even ask

lets pray together for even a simple emding with kane were you dont like Bryan after some argument or sum to go with kane ;-;

The sad part is that Kane isnt dateable :(

Dang a lot of caijorou haters ;-; you did my boy wrong I'll get you all 馃樋

Even if mikko was saying the truth he just says it out in the open and he puts him on the spot with so little time to choose and make a good decision.

he stood up for himself for the first and last time thats how I see arvo he seems like the silent person who will be hurt and say nothing so I had to end his friendship with mikko fast. 馃槶

-spoiler message-

Dang didnt know Mikko would go this far! I ended my friendship with him and the bad part is arvo is gonna blame himself all the time he thinks of his friendship with Mikko. 馃槬

or jun's fake personality. 

Wtv I hate to see yuuichi lose his career so juns route is a big no no for me, I really want to see the ending with Yuiichi becoming professional tennis player that would melt my heart 馃グ

Sadly he loses his entire career as a tennis player but what can you do right ? 


btw u can get in the temple only when its day time.

Thane was gonna meditate at the temple did you go with him if you didnt maybe thats the reason you cannot access it .

We all want ourselves a karina friend to set us up on a date with our crush !! Where can I find her ?

its cause the update is probably made to fix minor bugs and typos.

Ty I'll go check it out

Ayo I cannot find the 3rd route ;-; I only got eternally stuck ending and the possessed death ending sadge

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I dont think runes is his crush I bet it would be torulf


you have to choose to sleep in mikkos room for the night after that you'll find your key and he would ask you if you still want to go to his room and sleep there and you must say no and insist

You mean Bryan not Ben right ? Ben is the mc

I bet twitter did this didnt they ... Yikes

Can't wait to play this masterpiece on my phone :)

I'm glad thats happening because if there was a simple mistake in the updates and the developer deleted some codes they would still be in your file area crashing your game probably!

But Tai's route isnt rushed. why do you guys keep saying that 馃椏

Yep. he'll get one too

Mark : Ahhh I got a privacy notification!

Walter : Well shit.


Rune: and I took that personally

Torulf sits next to you even tho you wanted to decline

Arvo : Oh okay ... 

choose to go to your room and insist :卢}