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I dont think runes is his crush I bet it would be torulf


you have to choose to sleep in mikkos room for the night after that you'll find your key and he would ask you if you still want to go to his room and sleep there and you must say no and insist

You mean Bryan not Ben right ? Ben is the mc

I bet twitter did this didnt they ... Yikes

Can't wait to play this masterpiece on my phone :)

I'm glad thats happening because if there was a simple mistake in the updates and the developer deleted some codes they would still be in your file area crashing your game probably!

But Tai's route isnt rushed. why do you guys keep saying that 馃椏

Yep. he'll get one too

Mark : Ahhh I got a privacy notification!

Walter : Well shit.


Rune: and I took that personally

Torulf sits next to you even tho you wanted to decline

Arvo : Oh okay ... 

choose to go to your room and insist :卢}

This is gonna be lit !! Cant wait to play it :>

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I think it probably has to do with the creators being well known for their previous vn's that get so much people. this vn deserves more recognition 馃憗馃憚馃憗鉁

trueee also I died in the game for chasing after mikko 馃槶馃槶馃槶 so cruel 

This is insanely good !!! Great job devs!

Just a minute ago :P

Yass the updates 馃憗馃憚馃憗鉁

I think you meant (so he came) but typed (so came)

I made the mistake to play the game in my room with the blinds closed and it was very dark 馃槦

;_; dw I'll figure it out..... someday ... When it gets revealed :P

Yassss 馃憗锔忦煈勷煈侊笍鉁ㄢ湪

Updated 馃憗锔忦煈勷煈侊笍鉁

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Does anybody knows what psychic ability Mason's got or atleast an idea of what might possibly be ?

got updated :3

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No one:

Not a single soul: 

Yuuichi when Shoichi makes something for him to eat:

This is a way to get to day 31 route shoichi! 

If I remember correctly you'll have to talk back to his father when he asks to you if you wanted to say something, then keep on pushing shoichi to do the opposite of what his father says to do.

I guess we'll never know!

I'm guessing that it's some kind of security app he's installed that is not allowing him to install the package thinking that is virus.

Is there any chance of you guys putting the full version on google play again ?

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When you're just on time 馃槒

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well I don't rly know which day you're referring to, but at some point aki becomes aware of yuu and sho being in a relationship.

ikr !!

Honestly I want to find out so badly about what happened to Ben's sister because I feel theres more into the story.

Wait a minute :() it is a horror vn xD I thought it would be thriller drama 馃槀. 

Ye. Although not a bad idea :p Russel is better though 露:

Bruh you said you speak German better than english but in this comment you literally spelled the hardest words super easy !! 馃槀馃槀馃槀

Well you're supposed to read a visual novel what do you expect to have a different word to choose every next answer you give ?

Probably sausages flopping around 鈥⒙モ