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The game is fun and the music fits very well with it. Some of the upgrade tooltips don't fit in their container, though.

I also like the statistics of the game

Great music and a fun idea!

I really like the art! I Agree with other comments: narrative events would be great!

This was fun once I figured out how to place the penguins =)

Really nice for something that was thrown together hastily =) The graphics and the game itself could have been a little bigger for my taste.

Very challenging. I like the powerups and the ability to switch weapon lanes.

I really liked this game. The way the text and interactive text was structured is really nice. I also liked the blog posts and the last one where you could choose the pronoun you want to use.

Two things I notices: The name of the woman is mentioned once before the player actually knows it and there are two places where real names are still used. One is close to the end and one was somewhere in the middle.

I guess I'm doing something wrong, but I wasn't able to pick of the passengers. How long do I have to hover over them?

I really enjoyed playing this as it's really challanging but you get better on every try.

This is a fun little game =) I would have enjoyed a little more challange, though.

I like your concept and it's fun to play.

Controlling the character felt a little wonky, but I love your use of the Kimmy Schmidt song =)

You know, it's still hard but not that hard anymore when you finally figure out that students have to be enrolled manually. That's why you should always read instructions.

This time, I managed to get the prosperity to go up. Couldn't finish all the way up to 100% because my lunch break was over but it's a nice game. I hope you keep improving it! (It would be cool if the school you currently have selected would be highlighted somehow for example)

Very simple but I really like how it looks and feels. Really nice entry!

I get you idea and rolling around was fun indeed but what I really missed was the ability to move the camera myself.

Are you planning to work more on this?

While I didn't manage to build all 18 holes (I had 17 with one turn missing) I had fun playing your game. I felt myself caring more for winning the game than for those poor people that had to leave their homes. That really made me think which is the point of this jam, so well done!

This game is really cruel if you want to pick a woman, but it's not wrong in what it says.

After I switched to male the game was still really hard but I guess that's the point =)

Hi, I really enjoyed playing your game. At first I was shoked, that the character wants to leave Toronto. I spent some time there after I finished school and really love the city =) I'm glad the character came to a similar conclusion.

I also like the fact that you can change the settings according to your handedness. I haven't seen that before.

One thing I didn't like that much is that you can see all the talking options all the time. Some of them don't really make sense if something else hasn't been said already.

The idea is really fun but I couldn't get the brain once I found it =/

I like your approach but I can't really relate that much as we have a different voting system where I live.

I like the thought you put in this. Sadly I had trouble getting it to fit my screen.

I hope you find the time to put more of your own art in it one day!

I'm not sure if the level I got stuck at was the last one, but I'll just pretend it was.

Funny little game =)

I didn't understand everything, but the game looks beautiful!

I'm sorry, I don't really understand what I'm supposed to do here. It being very dark doesn't really help with that. What do I have to do?

I like the idea of a maze to show the problem of fake news. I got rid of the fake news but if there was a way to fight the curruption, I didn't find it. The image of the maze you posted as a screen would have been nice in the game itself to get some sense of where one is and how one can get somewhere.

I think I found all three endings =)

I had fun playing this game but I think it needs to get harder a little faster. By day 12 I had payed everything for the next 25 days and had more than 1000$ saved.

Even though it's a really simple game it provoked strong feelings. Seeing that tank get bigger and bigger was really intense!

This is fun! But it get's quite hard after some time

I like your artstyle and the music a lot. Sadly I couldn't really keep up with all the details of the story but I think I got the overall setting.

Some of your "continue" buttons are a little to small and cut of the text. Will you keep adding to the story?

A really powerful game!

One option wasn't clickable for me (during the text were the other choice is 'keep protesting') and when clicking 'The end' I got an error. Apart from that your game really gave me chills. Also, I will have to research Diana Sacayan, so far I've only found spanish texts and my spanish isn't that great.

Wow, your game is really hard, even on "easy". But having read your explanation I guess it being hard is kind of the point.

I would have loved a "retry" button after losing so that I didn't have to reload every time my budget was gone.

Wow, your game is really complex, I'm glad you had the time to include a tutorial!

I love tennis and I think your idea is amazing.

Sadly I wasn't very good at the game and I didn't understand the text at the end.

I really like the idea of your game but man, that elite is easy to piss off.

I found myself making very questionable choices to win the game, so I think your point comes across really good!

I really like the graphics of your game!

I did have trouble with the walking sometimes, it was working when I played it before but today I somehow couldn't move.

I really enjoyed playing your game!

It's so simple but to me it had a strong message and I really felt connected to my character.

Also, the sounds are amazing.

To be honest, I have the same problem. My teammates managed to win the game but so far I always lose during the last wave.

What happens if you try to upgrade the towers? Is it possible that you don't have enough money to upgrade? (The Paperboy upgrade currently shows the wrong value, it's actually $200)