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pleeeeeeeeease. :)

since the mouse changes from platform to platform and on touch devices it's not a requirement at all I would argue that it's part of your operating system and not the game at all.

I could hide the mouse and make this game touch and drag on mobile only (which I have tested on my iPad and it works just as well) but then PC people would not be able to play. :(

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so. I'm done. My game is done. When can I submit

I've updated the build in the first post if you want to hear me pretend to be a god at the beginning of the first two levels. :)


I added some creepy sound effects today, and a map of the levels.

I still cant decide on a real title, but its certainly egypt themed. :)

good luck!

i've never played the original :/

oh my lord, yes i want that.

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Egyptian theme decided for main game. Each level is a god from their mythology.[0] = 'Nu'; //tutorial[1] = 'Osiris'; //learn yellow[2] = 'Ra'; //learn blue[3] = 'Wadjet'; //learn green[4] = 'Horus'; //learn red[5] = 'Set';[6] = 'Anubis';[7] = 'Nephthys';[8] = 'Sekhmet';[9] = 'Apophis';[10] = 'Hathor';

Level 2:

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I wrote some story:

After the 8 Gods of Zzarn returned you to your time something was not quite right. Changes you had made to the timeline had destroyed your home and it was now ruled by wicked machines. These soulless abominations have brought death and havoc to everything you once knew.

Plagued with guilt for your mistakes across time you cry out to the Gods of Zzarn but there was no reply. Just when all hope was lost and the final human city fell, a voice boomed out for all to hear. "I am Nu, the first of what you call Egyptian Gods. I know of your plight and I can give you another chance. Go back to fix what once went wrong. Take the chaos you have made and undo it. Take care traveller, the damage is great and time itself is unravelling." With that there was blackness.
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The BMP for the test level looks like this:

Enemies now deal damage. As per the original, there is a large energy reserve that gets depleted as you get hurt. When you do things like collect heads and place them in the safe room you get a little boost and points. Personally, I think the age of points is over and nobody pays attention to score in a game like this

After you unlock the yellow block digger you are free to explore this area full of baddies. It serves no purpose other than to stress test the terrain and how much larger levels can be made.


More soon

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Grabbing the effigy slightly wonky is forgiven and makes things simpler, we do a shake and a flash to let people know something happened.

With 3 effigies in the safe room, we've unlocked yellow block digging. I've decided to have 4 colours of digging, one for each of the primaries on an xbox pad. Yellow, blue, red and green.

yes, jam is delicious.

Here it is running, rather fabulously on the xbox one:

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mini devlog: LOTG2

the prototype is going great. my level loads from the file provided. here it is so far with clive's original sprites:

I'm using a BMP image for my level editor so this means people can create levels using only paint. Here is the level above for example:

I've zoomed it in photoshop so we can see whats going on. in my prototype above all the types of terrain are yellow, since i've not changed the sprites yet. so whats going on?

grid = ds_grid_create(1,1);
grid_size = 32;

I have a script that reads a bmp file and places it into a grid structure. it loads the bmp above and...

for (var i=0; i < ds_grid_width(grid); ++i)
    for (var j=0; j < ds_grid_height(grid); ++j)
        var thisgrid = grid[# i,j];
        //65535 yellow
        if(thisgrid = 65535) {        
            wall = instance_create(i*grid_size,j*grid_size,obj_wall);
            wall.type = 'yellow';

...loops through it, building the level.

I have some code in there for my little droid, but not game code yet, just level design, i'm short on time due to my main project. More soon.

this is rockin'

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Game synopsis:

Clive Brooker, the programmer says: "Of all the games that I wrote, Lap of the Gods is my favourite and I feel best game. It generally received good reviews with the magazine Crash awarding it 80%, not bad for a £1.99 game! Sadly, it didn't sell very well (around 20,000 or so) and Mastertronic did not have the confidence to convert it to other formats. Initially they rejected the game, then took it on in a bit of a rush as they had a Spectrum "slot" that they needed to fill in their publication cycle."

Current progress will be uploaded here:

Controls - WSAD, escape to quit, 1 for yellow when unlocked, 2 for blue.

Look at them run, tiny fragile humans. Do they know whats coming?

Check out that subtle infinity symbol in the logo. They really knew how to box art back then.

I see water, fire and lightning in the art, lots to play with here. :)

I loved trog in the arcades. <3

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mini devblog

I've decided that this will be a NES styled platformer. I've chosen the NES resolution of 256x240, with 8x8 tiles, thats 32 across and 30 down. mainly though, the platforms are 16x16, or 4 tiles. I've changed the NES pallet to DawnBringer's 32 Col Palette V1.0 which has a slightly darker feel and fewer colours. I've also relaxed the number of colours the NES could handle per sprite. Other restrictions I try to adhere to.

I've drawn some key character sprites by hand in aseprite and right now, my main platformer mechanics are in there. good collisions and simple things like ladder climbing.

My gameplay will be quick levels that are timed. There is a little story to glue the game together, but mainly i'm going for the authentic feel of a NES game. Since I have an Apple and an Android developer thing, this game will actually come out on mobile when I'm done here, because... why not ;)

I'm putting this game together in YOYO games Game Maker Studio. It's nice and quick got this and suits the requirements.

I cant wait for the GTA style violence in this one.

'Singing Duel' - An unexplored genre?

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— Gabriel Crowe (@gabrielcrowe) November 3, 2015