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This was awesome. I will try to get the rest of the endings as well.


Very well done! I havent had jumpscares like this in a while!! 

here's my gameplay :D thanks for the sub and support and for sharing your game creation as well.

Hello! yes I did enjoy it! haha I did not notice the light switch but that's normal in me, I always miss important stuff xD

thank you for sharing your creation and Im looking forward to play any more games you make :D

Hello! very short game and very dark as well, maybe something on my side but it was very difficult to see.

Here's my gameplay, I hope you enjoy it.  Thank you for sharing your creationg. subs & likes are welcome and appreciated :D

Thanks for sharing your creation! here is my gameplay. Hope you enjoy

So much fun!!! I love FPS! keep it up Zoom :D

here's my gameplay

I can't believe I never made it to my classroom without being murdered! but I have to say I tried, honestly!

This was fun, thank you for sharing your game creation!

Here's my gameplay and if you subscribe to my channel I would very much appreciate it :D

This wes a fun game, very creepy baby!!!

Here's my gameplay video, I hope you enjoy it and thanks for the subscribe while you're at it :D

The mouse not being detected happened to me at the beginning but I just re-started the game and it worked like a charm.

Very nice game, I enjoyed it! here's my gameplay and if you subscribe to my channel I would appreciate it very much :)

thank you for sharing your creation!

This game was goooood, thanks for sharing your creation. Wish it was longer though!! 

Here's my gameplay & thanks in advance for the support on my channel! :D

Nope, Im in a PC windows 10, should run because its a good computer but it just never opened.

Hello! I can't hear any sounds or music in the in-browser game and the installer does not run. I got to play the game but in complete silence.. not sure if the experience is the same.

Thanks for sharing though!

This game was very cool! I enjoyed it a lot.  The helmet mannequin freaked me out since the beginning lol thank you for sharing your creation!

Hello!! this was GREAT... a little complicated at some point but I loved the challenge. The puzzles are great, a little easy at first but still entertaining and fun.

I liked the story too! great job and thank you for sharing your creation!

This was interesting! thanks for sharing your creation!

I got stuck twice tho hehe, and the fact that when the flashlight turns off you're left to restart the game is kinda bad but I get it, there are several batteries around, I just didn't see them lol

I was expecing some sort of chase or active monster!

here's my gameplay!

This game is such a great idea, the salt thing that I keep calling chalk lol is a very original thing, reminds me of Supernatural the TV show..

Here is my gameplay, even tho I couldnt finish the game, it is VERY difficult!

This is one of the most accurately placed jumpscares I've seen in a video game.

Almost had a heart attack while playing this, NOT kidding.

Hey Devs! just a few comments here, I know this was made in a super hurry for the Jam but still..

I got so lost in the snow, couldn't find the way... I tried for over 20 minutes.

Also the torch's fire is very annoying, you can't turn around without the fire blocking your view, that + the snow storm + darkness + no guide = rage quit.

Im intrigued about this game, if there is a chance you can improve those things maybe I can give it another try, I would love to upload this gameplay to my youtube channel.

This is what I call a great indie horror game. great job!!!!

This was great!!!! 

Great and insteresting game.. I liked it.

This game is fun to play, I really enjoy pixelated horror

I didn't understand what to do with some of the stuff I found! gotta give it another try.

This was very good! I likeeee it

Horror experience very well achieved! This is really disturbing.

Thanks for sharing your creation!

Here's my gameplay :

I will finish this game... i will!!

I had a very hard time with this game. It looks amazing and seems like it has lots of potential but I cannot figure it out.

Honestly, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, you say it is unfinished but how unfinshed? to the point I cannot progress at all in the game?

Very entertaining game! here is my gameplay :D

thanks for sharing your creation!

I honestly couldn't finish the game, I played for at least 1 hour... did a couple of "accomplishments" but it is too difficult.  I admit, this is one of the BEST indie horror games I've played, EXTREMELY well made... it is like living a SAW movie at every second. So disturbing, so entertaining... so great.  I saw that you guys have several of these games, I will be definitely checking them out witout a doubt!

AMAZING WORK.. thank you for sharing your creation!

Here's my gameplay, I hope you enjoy it...

This is an amazing game. Everything is great, textures, story, gameplay..... I have to say Im impressed! thank you DEVS for sharing your creation.

Here's my gameplay, I hope you enjoy it!

If you subscribe to my channel, that would be very much appreciated :) have a lovely day

Looking forward to it! great job.

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Great game!!! the story, the textures, the feeling of it all... amazing work. Thank you DEVS for sharing it with us!

Here is my gameplay, if you subscribe that would be amazing and very much appreciated!

I played this and it was fun, but very difficult!

Thank you David!! I was so close to the ending! hahah

Im not sure what to do to finish the game, I looked around so many times, tried everything.

Here's my gameplay, I will look into other's to see what I didn't do/find. Great work by the way, amazing textures and the game feels truly creepy.

yayyyy!! Im so happy to be the one that beat the game, it is almost impossible!

This game is gooooooooooooood! I loved it, sorry for the mega rage quit at the end, the game crashed XD

still I will go back and finish it sometime.

I hope you enjoy!