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This was myu first commented Video so it is very special haha

Nice game, thank you for uploading and sharing :)

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After I got the lantern and the tinderbox I coulnd't go any further. I tried jumping to the clear path but the character doesn't go up. I got stuck and had to stop playing because there was no where else to go.

This game has amazing potential! I love the look of it, the feel the ambient.  I wish for an update soon so I can give it a try again.

Thank you dev!

The game looks interesting but the beginning is confussing, the fact that you have to click "e" like a thousand times to get out of the cage while filling everyhing with glow sticks in the middle makes you think you're not doing it right.  The monsters are too fast, there is no chance for escape.

Hello! the download link is not working :(

looking forward to playing this game, looks amazing.

Hello Ahmad!! I have to say this was very good!

I liked it and I'm looking forward to playing more games from you. keep up the great work!

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Hello!! This game was very good! Im sad that it was short, maybe you can add a couple of extra rooms and items to collect before ending the game, that would be awesome.

Keep up the great work!

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Ohhhhh, now I get it! thank you!! will try it.

Im not sure if I finished the game right haha, but I liked playing it. Make more scary pixelated games! :D please

Here is my gameplay, I hope you enjoy, and if you subscribe to my channel... that would be AMAZING! :D

Hello?? where is the download link?? I want to play itttt so badly

o_o very intriguing.....

Very good textures and atmosphere. Sounds are creepy...

The fact that this game was created based on realisting nightmares gives me the chills...

Here is my gameplay, if you subscribe to my channel for more videos like this, that would be amazing! :)

Hello! I too thought this game was finished when I recorded last night haha...

yes I will!!!!

I've actually played this game 3 times so far...

LOVE IT. I wish it was longer :(

Very good game!! amazing textures, ambients, sounds and models for the creepy family.

Keep up the great iniciative to create these kind

of games, I love playing this.

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This is VERY promising!!

Looking forward for the full game!!!!!!! great demo.

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Hello! This reminds me a little bit to Silent Hill PT.... hehe.. nice work. keep it up.

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Primer juego de indie horror que veo en español completamente, genial!

Me encantaron las texturas... buen ambiente, horror psicológico total.  Excelente !

Aquí dejo mi video de gameplay para compartir con los demás, agradezco el apoyo con mi canal, recién estoy empezando!


It was a good game, I truly liked it!

The enemy has a good patrol dynamic, but the difficulty level is very low.  It is hard for him to see you and when he does you can out run him very easily and just hide for quick seconds. I think if maybe you can make him a little faster and to look for you a little longer, it will make it more challenging.

The ending is confusing, I won't say it here because I don't want to spoil the ones who haven't played yet but maybe a better explanation and a longer animation would give it some extra charm.

Gameplay in general is very good, controllers, speed, crouching... everything runs smoothly, although picking the items sometimes takes 5-6 clicks since there is no pointer and is hard to know when the item is ready to be picked. Maybe increase the "picking distance" if that is a thing? hehehe.

The map, I honestly never understood it... at all. The white rectangles, what does that mean? it doesn't tell you where you are or where you have been. Did I miss something?

Good job overall! 

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My friend enjoyed the game, im more of the full exploration kind of horror game but it looks fun. the monster would be better if more creepy, but it works for the purpose. nice looking textures!

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Hello! this was interesting, I like this twisted point and click games where you have no idea what is going to happen.

I like the drawings.. the girl is very cute and the 2 characters are intriguing and disturbing.. the music is good too, the way it gets distorded at the end is a nice touch.

Good luck with your project, looking forward to playing a little more soon if you add updates.

Check out my gameplay

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Hello! good work with the graphics and game elements, looks very very good. 

The monster is creepy, the ambient is good and lighting too.

The one thing I have to comment on is the fact that when I played it the monster is like 2 times faster than videos I've seen of other people playing it.  Me and my friend died like 30 times because there was no way to get away from him, I even got to the safe and opened it but he was so close to me the whole time (even though I actually had some advantage when I first saw him) that he killed me right before I could pick the gun.

The door mechanics is a little frustrating, the doors get stuck if you don't open them with some specific distance or angle, and sometimes it seems like it can hold the monster outside but some other times it doesn't. 

Im not sure why the monster is faster for me than others... very weird.

Here is our gameplay video so you can see what I mean.

I must say the game is very good, I like it a lot and I'm looking forward to playing chapter 2 if I ever get to kill the fast speed monster.