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These games are just awesome.

I could play pixelated horror everyday !!!

Awesome gameeee honestly!

Here is my gameplay, even though I couldn't find all the switches.

This monster is terrifying, and the sounds it makes ...!!!

Thank you for sharing your creation!

Very scary, this VHS treatment is horrifying.

Here's my gameplay! thanks for sharing your creation :)

Not sure what to do here. I always run out of light and die I guess?

This is extremely scary for me, I cannot explain it.

Thank you so much!

I will give it another try.

Finding those switches is almost impossible, not sure how you managed that.

Also, I thought I couldn't out run the monster, I tried and he always got me.

Great video!

I couldn't find the last switch before I got too scared to keep trying.

very cool game

Awesome game, very good work in the ambient and breathtaking textures. Here is my gameplay

I played like 15 times and always died no matter what I did.

Is here a way to get out alive? not sure what else to do.

I used the lighter, the walkie talkie (had every single conversation possible) also tried to escape and use the crowbar. Everything ends up with me dying. Not sure if this is the way of the game or Im just not doing something.

I never found the key to the supply room, I think I checked all the boxes but after dying 15 times I just couldn't keep up playing.

I really liked this game, thanks for sharing your creation ;)

This is what I call real horror in a video game.

It took me 1 hour to play through this game and every single minute of it was terrifying, even during daylight.

You guys KNOW how to scare people the right way.

Thank you for your creation! looking forward to play the rest of your games.

Here is my gameplay, Part 1 I truly hope you enjoy.

I love horror games with pixelated graphics. Somehow are spookier than realistic graphics sometimes. great job!!!

Very entertaining! I took me like 5 deaths to actually start finding what I needed to escape. Nicely done!

Wasn't expecting to die! NICE GAMe

I know I should've kept trying but it was VERY scary.

These kinds of games really get to me.

Amazing job.

Cool game!!!!

Interesting and short little spooky game


This game is honestly awesome, I love the originality. Truly scary not knowing what is next.. great job!

This was VERY SCARY.............

Looking forward to the full game! 

Interesting, I hope it was longer tho!

Very fun to play! funny voice acting but you can see the effort. Very good job honestly!

Very scary and fun 2D horror game, cant wait for the full version! thanks for the support, please check out my gameplay video right here:


This was awesome. I will try to get the rest of the endings as well.


Very well done! I havent had jumpscares like this in a while!! 

here's my gameplay :D thanks for the sub and support and for sharing your game creation as well.

Hello! yes I did enjoy it! haha I did not notice the light switch but that's normal in me, I always miss important stuff xD

thank you for sharing your creation and Im looking forward to play any more games you make :D

Hello! very short game and very dark as well, maybe something on my side but it was very difficult to see.

Here's my gameplay, I hope you enjoy it.  Thank you for sharing your creationg. subs & likes are welcome and appreciated :D

Thanks for sharing your creation! here is my gameplay. Hope you enjoy

So much fun!!! I love FPS! keep it up Zoom :D

here's my gameplay

I can't believe I never made it to my classroom without being murdered! but I have to say I tried, honestly!

This was fun, thank you for sharing your game creation!

Here's my gameplay and if you subscribe to my channel I would very much appreciate it :D

This wes a fun game, very creepy baby!!!

Here's my gameplay video, I hope you enjoy it and thanks for the subscribe while you're at it :D

The mouse not being detected happened to me at the beginning but I just re-started the game and it worked like a charm.

Very nice game, I enjoyed it! here's my gameplay and if you subscribe to my channel I would appreciate it very much :)

thank you for sharing your creation!