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Thanks for playing! ☺

Thats because u are hitting the obstacle placed. Here is a tip to clear level 3:

Go down and then right...Press the right button till the time both the balls hit the wall and then it will be clear how to clear the level. Hope this helps otherwise I can upload a video too.

So now the webgl version is out!!

Oh my god! Thanks soo much!!! and also thanks for the info!!! You are such a nice person hahahaha 

So I build it in form of webgl but it seems I cant upload bcoz this game is in voting progress so no changes are allowed :( Try downloading it I m sure its compatible with Mac

 did u try to downloading and opening the game? Actually I opened my build settings and it seems its compatible with windows Mac and Linux. Sorry I provided the wrong info on my page that its only compatible to windows. but still I will try to add webgl.

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Thnks for playing ☺☺

ohh :( next time I will surely add mac. 

By game over u mean when u hit the obstacle, the screen goes blank?

Ok so your game concept specially level 3 was 5/5. The only thing is that the exit is at one place, it would be better if the exit was at different places in each level, and also I agree with Danilock that there should be more obstacles.  Also the music made the game look interesting. Overall I liked it.

Thanks for playing ! I will definitely look into the problem and solve it 😊

Thanks for the tips(specially the last one☺)...I am also thinking to use buttons in my next if I zip files, then how I should upload....I mean should I just upload the zip files then? sorry I m quite new in this field...😅

Thank u so much for trying my game😊😊

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Yup...I will keep updating and make it better

Thnks...I really appreciated it that u installed it and gave it a review...I will definetly try to come with a better version 😄😄