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Yes, thanks for the workaround~

ahh, I can't zoom out in the game screen


tried it, didn't fit the screen properly

it's alright

Hedonic Days community · Created a new topic Impressions

Impressed I am, very impressed.

seems cool, I'll check it out when there's more content

Can I request a demo version of the game?

checked your website from the visit us button in-game. brings up something else instead.

the program opens at the wrong resolution for me

Ah yes, research them panties.

There won't be futa content unless modded because Threshold doesn't have that fetish.

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I haz question: How hard is it to write AI for this game? Because if it's not very hard, I request an MC AI to see what arises from a full AI game. If it is very hard, feel free to ignore me.

just a request for you to put the Furry tag into your list of tags

Nice, I have a question tho.

How do you re-read the story?

Refreshing didn't work btw.


Wow, it's been a week and you still remembered. Thank!

That's fine. Good luck with life.

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I tried this game out at the start of this year, the fact that you're basically making this game from the ground up impressed and attracted me (since I want to learn programming myself) but the lack of content made me sad although I expected it

I left it alone until now in wait for content, and it seems that you have made an impressive amount of progress since then. 

Now I have a question for you instead: (Since you don't post changelogs, it seems) What's new, content-wise?

Sunlight Empire community · Created a new topic Alive?

Are you still alive, PychoFox? Are you still developing anything?

If you do, pls put a link on your itch page.

And thanks for the quick reply, socially active devs are uncommon in my experience.

Nice, very nice. The grammar is a bit strange though.

Also how do I get ending 4 & 5 and girl 3 &5?

Is there a PC version?

not bad, not bad at all. now it just needs more content and bugfixes!

Nice. The weird 2.5d maps were a first tho, although they were cool it's very disorienting when I first saw them

Lots of grammar errors nearing the end tho.

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The trojan icon thing is something one of the other games I follow dealt with, they've fixed it too. 

The game's called Monster Girl Dreams which can also be found on this site. Check their discord and ask around, if you still care to fix it. 

Could also promote your game there if you like, just don't expect much reception because of the NTR

Not bad, not bad at all. High hopes towards this game's development are instilled.

This was nice. Would love to see this one-off extended.

please at least put in basic fetish tags, I don't like being put into a femboy game situation without warning also FUCK FEMBOY SHIT


I just thought the game intro part was shit. I don’t know about the rest of the game, but that part alone was an immediate turn off (in the normal sense) for me.

Please, for the love of all monstergirls in the multiverses. Get a better translator thing/person. I would even do it for free if I knew what language it was.

Game's good, needs more content tho like most good things on this platform. Sadly, I'm incapable of giving monetary support

Good start. Now it just needs more content for me to be able to tell more.

Also I request a mechanic to see the character's full art went interacting with X character

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Game's alright. It crashes sometimes when I make a spell without enough mana tho.

edit: Also crashes sometimes when I get defeated.

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Thoughts: S'alright, tho needs major work.  

Ledger gains n loss aren't working right, it keeps telling what I gain/lose per turn which make the numbers change too much, the descriptions are somewhat confusing and the UI in general needs work.

TLDR; basically needs more work (as expected), alright start tho

Whats the difference between the RTP download and the normal one?

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Thank you for the amazing game. 

I just finished it and saw the update, what a coincidence. I love the characters and the art. I liked all the lovey-dovey and dominant options I get too!

Sadly, I can't support this monetarily since I'm a student.

ps: did I mention that I love the art? because I really do.

pps: does the save file work through updates or do I need to start over?