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My man, that's Amber...

Oh great, conflicting opinions...

Not bad for the prototype

In the description, you reference the OG inspiration and the year it's from....hmmmm, Hot Pink has time travel huh~?

hey~ good game so far~

When, if possible, will you put this on steam?

will this be going on steam?

Congrats on finding a way forward! Try to take better care of your mental health now, cuz mental health is still health~!

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please change the text color on this page, black text on brown bg isn't good at all

edit: unless I'm somehow the only one with that problem

you should leave a tidbit about the price dropping over time btw, cuz i don't think people will know unless they read the updates and I don't think new people would

maybe add a gay tag or something??

I see... no thanks then

need to know on the NTR here, is the girl cheating, or the dude that cheats?

seems great at first glance, tho I'ma wait for better graphics to try it

Nice, love the sound bar, as last time

my man...does it exist in this game? cuz if it does, can you hook me up?

huh? expecial code?

While personally I prefer it being an oppai loli, but I know I'm in the minority(heh) here.

seems ambitious, I like it

Rest well

Thanks, nice (essentially) demo so far, fyi the equip/unequip button for the clean clothes was weird

can't wait for more

keep your realism to reality, and not in a game

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where can I find the upper right piece of evidence?? I found everything else but that one...

Great game btw, can't wait for more

edit: nvm, I found the walkthrough in the discord

Yes, thanks for the workaround~

ahh, I can't zoom out in the game screen


tried it, didn't fit the screen properly

it's alright

Hedonic Days community · Created a new topic Impressions

Impressed I am, very impressed.

seems cool, I'll check it out when there's more content

Can I request a demo version of the game?

checked your website from the visit us button in-game. brings up something else instead.

the program opens at the wrong resolution for me

Ah yes, research them panties.

There won't be futa content unless modded because Threshold doesn't have that fetish.

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I haz question: How hard is it to write AI for this game? Because if it's not very hard, I request an MC AI to see what arises from a full AI game. If it is very hard, feel free to ignore me.

just a request for you to put the Furry tag into your list of tags