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*flashbacks to human centipede*

the tutorial isnt that clear, it says box jumping but doesnt explain what exactly that is(I was wondering whether it means floating using the box or jumping while floating with the box), also when it says jump at a 45 degree angle it doesnt specify which way the angle goes, and when you can only get through the corner like 10% of the time the small details like that are really required

Very cool concept but I think the enemy health should be nerfed a bit

highest ive made it is level 9 with a sniper

I loved how when the thing appeared there was no sound so all you had to know it was there was it's shadow

I like the multiple endings and how you can switch from the computer to reality

I think if you get a certain ending it does that and you cant play it agai

I think it's too short to cost money but that's just my opinion