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Hello, it doesn't seem to load any map when i click on one in the main screen and i'm on Linux Mint 64 bit

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lol that sounded so unprofessional

can i have linux 32bit version?

Hi, i would like to have a version which has crt emulation off by deafault, hope to have it in the future! please reply if you saw this.

i couldn't get past it

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i made it to the 1d part which i think is the end

i downloaded it from the site and it worked, so it must be a problem with the app's app compadibillity (if that makes sense)

You are the only game developer that actually cares about your game and wants feedbac

I just open the game in the itch app (latest version) and then it crashes right away with no error cod

just an fwi it started crashing on mac os x (El Capitan)

I use a afterglow Xbox 360 USB controller which uses the left controll stic

Awesome! hope to see this get worked on

nice! please add FULL controller support though :)

please add support for mac too please (my secondary computer)

Awesome! thanks for controller support too

my ideas: 1. fix crashing 2. FULL controller support 3. keep up the good work :)


Please add option for gore and add more weapons. Love the game so far!