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Your giving no information at all.  What is the problem that you are having ?

Well,  your doing great so far!  I look forward to future versions :)

You might try this :

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Actually it is called minicraft.  Google it.

Great Game!  Love the CRT Grafix and sound effects

Also, I really like the fact that it plays with a gamepad.  It makes it much  more fun.

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I played it some more, and got further into it (Before I got lost in the dungeon and dying).  The one thing I noticed above any other is that the amount of resources you get from breaking blocks is very low and the costs to build anything are very high.

To build anything substantial you have to collect vast areas of resources.  

I understand that your trying to make it more difficult, but at these settings you have to collect about 40 iron blocks and 8 or 9 trees just to make 1 tool.

(Compared with Minecraft that's about 20 times the iron and about 200 times the wood needed.)

To make a square 5 x 5 "shelter" with 4 walls and a door takes over 200 trees!

(That's alot of trees for a tiny little shelter that doesn't even have a floor)

My math may be off a little bit, I'd be suprised if it wasn't, but it should be fairly close.

The game itself is fun to play, but that's alot of gathering.

Cute Game, I could see myself playing this.  

The permadeath thing is a little harsh.  Maybe make it an option ?