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You get a crown next to your name after the first 8/8 victory! This isn't visible to you yet (but will be soon!), but others will see it when they face your squad.

Thanks for the feedback! The text at the end now says "Main Menu" instead of "Continue" :)

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Thanks for your feedback! The victory lap has been more difficult than I originally intended, and a lot of players have been struggling with it. As of the next update, 1.2.5 (coming very soon it's out now!), the associated achievement will change to something more manageable.

Probably not, but anything's possible if enough people want it!

Nothing to do with versus mode. If you WIN a game of regular matchmaking, you'll have the option to "keep playing" past 8 wins!

Yeah, not sure what's going on for you. You can check the developer console for any errors if you'd like!

Do you have "Use hardware acceleration when available" enabled in your browser?

A new item 😉 Find it on round 7 and beyond!

The crowns you see by player's names means they went on to eventually win the game!

An easy ? out of ?

It's a victory, so you get an automatic 5! :)

We have a wiki now! Check it out 😀

Itch was having an issue, game is back online! :)

You're gonna have to ask the creator of Reversary ;)

The crown next to your opponent's name means that they are a winning squad! (meaning, their squad eventually got to 8/8 wins!)

Very cool strat! Looks consistent enough if you can get enough stat upgrades and pickleballs. 😀

I  watched your other videos as well, they're great quality! Hope you don't mind me dropping this video in the Auto Balls Discord server :)

Sorry to hear that! 😬 What web browser are you using? Do you mind going into the developer console on the game page (F12 -> Console) to see what the red error message is?

The ball's damage stat is its base damage, which is multiplied by how fast its going relative to max speed. In general, during a round, most balls will be travelling at max speed, thus dealing their full damage stat on each hit! 😃

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You can zoom out with CTRL+- or find the zoom bar in your browser settings 

Or, you can make the game fullscreen with F :)

I apologize for the inconvenience, we're aware browser load times have been off the charts lately! What with everybody nowadays trying to open their browsers at the same time and causing a bottleneck...

After the next Auto Balls update (1.2), I'll be looking into putting this on Steam and mobile 😀

Thanks, there was an issue with the backup squad fetcher that may have caused that occasionally. If you encounter any more such squads, please let me know the name so I  can look it up in the squad database. :)

Absolutely! I didn't know the Discord invites expired by default 😅

Here's a fresh, unexpiring link:

Thanks for the kind words! (and +1 for the flowing pogs :)

I'm adding a bunch of new balls and items in the next update sometime soon, and I'll see if I can address your gripe with the timeout.

thank mr kamukura

Sorry to hear that, but   thanks for the bug report! This is a non-trivial issue with the physics engine I'll need to fix later, but for now I've just put in an frame delta limit to mitigate the   clipping.

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Planning on writing my own music for the jam, I just wanted to say that those are some awesome tracks! Good luck on the jam!