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Good Game! But where the multeplaer?

We (hopefuly) fixed that and the other issues, check for the games new update

Hey, thanks for all that, but can you tell me which achievement specifically isn't working for you.

Nah I'm good, thanks anyway

Okay, the game now exists, you should be able to get it now, I'll refund you your $3 so you can but it properly now

Very Tiny Update: -Fixed a bug causing the game to not exist when you buy it

I'm not sure how the itch.io app is like, but your best bet is to just download the game off the main games page. Not even the devlog page, that's just there to show changes

Sadly, We couldn't figure out how to change controls on the controllers, so I had to make the most convenient controller scheme I could think of that I'd imagine most people would have. So I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Is it fixed now? can you download the update for free now? On the main page, that is

Sorry, I'm not too familiar with how itch,io works, and how to update my games without the person having to buy it again. If someone can help with that, that'll be good