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Le Proiz

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It's super cool and funny, also I love the minimal esthetics, BUT please, the hitbox of the player is too big, when I face a bug I explode even if the images are not touching. Except that, the game is very funny, also cool thing you added a Leaderboard!

How lovely this game is?

This is a cool idea, and a cool game!

This is amazing. I swear, I love this game.

Thank you! the feel is not perfect at all, but I'm glad you had fun :)

If you want to try a real challange, try with 2 player but alone and try to reach 10 and 11 points with both snakes alive!

Man, I think that you are probably my favourite pygame dev, well done!!

Anyway, do you have any advice on how to start with pybag?

yeah that's better than landing on the moon, pygame running on web, jeez... Great, you're great. A pioneer, your name will be forever spoken for many centuries! Hail to Ghast the Great!

Guys that's an amazing shoot'em up! difficult as hell, but still a masterpiece! I loved it! 

And I love you made it for sega mega drive!

That's awesome, difficult at the beginning, but then real fun and challanging!


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Cool game guys!

looks promising!

That's a wonderful game! I love the art, music and gameplay.

Jeeeeeez! I love it!! well made, smart, funny and polished. I love the game feel, the difficulty of the levels and the particle effects!

Nice game!

I freaked out, BUT I also loved the game!

Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks so so much Ghast!

Vim, I love this game!

Hey there, another thing I'd like to let you know is that I had an error that I solved commenting the "display.toggle_fullscreen()", by the way I installed the libraries and had it running on my pc :) I liked it

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My antivirus doesn't seem to like it. However it doesn't work on my pc, even if I ignore the threat message. Maybe you could put the source file?

edit: I saw the source file on github, dumb me

hey there, I've got an error when running your game. It seems it doesn't find the perlin_noise module...

hey there, this game is cool! keep it up!

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I love your game! it's all amazing about this game. I love the mixed pixel art with the marker, the 8-bit music and the game play is really fun!

oh.. and the name... masterpiece

It's not so polished... but Gosh! it's so addictive! well done!! 

(it's almost 3 years, I know... but it's better late than never!) 

That's huge!

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This game is COOL! The pixel art, the gameplay, the horror style melt perfectly with the cute style of the sprites.

Keep it on the wonderful work you're making!

cool game man! how did you manage to make it playable in browser? did you used some library to compile it in javascript?