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I will take a look but I am pretty sure I did.

On the other hand, I did put A LOT of particle effect with noise distortion in order to make the wind effect. I am pretty sure this is the problem.

You have giving me a lot to think about Mashama. Thank you for your well thought advices and ideas!

:) Thank you!

Hello Mashama, really like the way you think about it! :D

Hello Inkleth, thank you for your comment! 

I have found a way to correct the frame rate problem and I will implement it as soon as possible :)

As of now you can quit on death or on a win. But I could put it on escape too, it is silly that I had not thought about it hahaha.

Have a good one! :)

Thank you so much!
It was a true pleasure to do this challenge. Thank you for the little kick that made me complete my first game ever. You are sure to see me again on the 7th jam!

Say hello to Zoey on my behalf! :)

The writing was not a problem, there was a sound that played while the character where talking that was a bit annoying. That is all :)

Wonderfull looking game on the other hand. Keep it up! :)

I must say I don't really get it. :/

Really love the game artstyle and concept! Love's it!
I got stuck, but it is really great! :)

Hey, like your game's artstyle, but I most say the dialog sound is pretty annoying, makes me want to skip it.

This is a crazy idea and I like it!
The Extra Credit touch is pretty smart too!

Love it! :)


Omg... That is clever hahaha.

Indeed! It is mostly a matter of time. Since I am new to coding (first three week) I litterally took every possible second I had disponible in the 72h we had. But have I had 2 more hours, that is what I would have added first.

wow that's intriguing!

Yup it is a problem indeed. You should not need the newest PC to play this game haha.

I used particle effect that are demanding.

Really love your game! :)

Wow this is hard!
Wow this is good!

Really love the concept of both character locked together in a deadly dance! The difficulty curve is a bit to steep, but this is a good base!

Also, really nice to have included gifs on you project page!

Hey Popsloth, I really love what you did there!

I must say that the sound of rain is one of my favorite thing in the world, so this sure help haha.

The car are scary! Maybe they could hunk before passing instead of right as they pass? But hey that a neat game :)

Pretty funny, I got stuck at the ''shinny thing in the tree'' but I love where this is going :)

Thank you! :)

Hello Bonpsi, thank you so much! The dark thing was a tempest. :)

Thank you! There is a definitive problem with the fluidity depending on computer. I think it is the wind particle :)

It is, 2560 X 1080

I see what you mean, would be better if it was a smoother transition indeed :)
Thank you :)

Thank you Popsloth! I think the problem is my wind particle effect, they are pretty heavy for the computer...
I'll take the time to try yours! :)

OMG this is hard! hahaha
Pretty good concept, would not have though about it.

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Why not! :) This is my first solo game!

Keep it up! :)

Your game has really beautiful artwork! :O

The game does not work on my PC screen, can't go pass the tutorial. :/

Totally Jack, having a time limit is a blessing in disguise! :)

Pretty cool looking! I'll try it and give you feedback! :)

Hey Anthair! Thanks for trying it out.

Yes... I used particle effect for the wind and it is too much.

LoL so funny

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Love the bad guys design.

The bad guys seem to stay in a low ground and it makes it hard to shoot them. Pretty nice game :)

Hello folks! Good job on making your games :)

Here is mine:

Don't hesitate to try it and drop yours bellow! I'll come back and try your game and leave some feedback! :)

Have a nice one!

Loved it!

Damn, this became dark quickly!