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I didn't got much time to make more complex decks or harder mechanics '^^

But thanks for the compliment ^^ Do you have any other complaint/ides about combos or cards?

I don't really understand the "camera mobing too fast" part... since the camera follows your mouse cursor it depends on how fast you move your mouse... Maybe make it so the camera moves gradually towards where it should be?

Thank you! For the title I imagined that the character has a clockwork heart and that's why he Moses 1hp per 10 seconds '^^

It worked thanks ^^ Your game is cool and I like the concept, however the random maze make it a bit hard since there is no clear defined path, so the difficulty can vary a lot without any real control :/ Except that, the timer hould maybe have been made a bit more clear instead of a little number in the corner '^^ (Made it to level 23 (26x26) :p)

5 stars in all categories. Easily

Unfortunatly your game doesn't work on my computer :/

Gives me this error:
Missing UnityPlayer.dll

Very cool game ^^ A few minor collision bugs that make it a little hard and the dash mechanic isn't also very clear. Overall it's a good game,  good job ^^

For the kills, each enemy drop exactly one coin every time and for the cleared room, you can only see them on your map. But thanks, I'll try to fix the controls ^^

Thanks! The reason why the controls are floaty is because of the way I wanted to handle knock back, so.. '^^

That's pretty smart of you ^^ I took a bit of time to understand

And don't be sorry, I liked your joke :)

Thank you. Just thank you.

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Feel free to give me ideas of gamemodes, or to tell me if you find a bug (if it's a crash, please give me the traceback)!

Super jeu! Et très bonne vidéo de présentation du Ludum Dare. Je m’entraîne actuellement à développer avec LÖVE2D afin d'y participer peut-être aussi un jour !

Votre vidéo et ce jeu m'ont permis de voir les enjeux et les obstacles que je risquerais de rencontrer, donc encore merci!

Et faites d'autre jeux, sérieusement ,Jordane et Roni.

Give me some ideas to improve this game if you have some ^^ ! 

Give me some ideas to improve this game if you have some ^^ !