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A member registered Jun 09, 2022

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the combo meter dont seem to be filling 

its clear this was made for smart phone  as its rectangle shape makes it have to be zoomed out on PC

what does modifying my cheese even do 

you cant upgrade anything with out coins

10,000 cheese for 1 coin is insane

their is NOTHING here 

is the engine the only upgrade

cant purchase the upgrade

a way to controlt he window size would be great and a option menu for the sound muting to 

not a idle game

getting info on what upgrades do would be great

also if you mass buy a upgrade you only get credit for 1 but are charged for many 

a warning that the flat resets your progress would be nice

ive seen this game before

i cant buy the 0 coin cost blanket 


ok still dont make the game any good and 2 hours is not alot of time this is just a cheap unity asset fli p

you did not put any effort in this 

white on green is hard to read 

also how do i use the ammo i buy 

not a idle game

needing 50K for the helmet is insane 

a  tutorial would be nice

that chart is wrong america is not slave free at all

we use slave labor in for profit prisons 

the gmae is not very clear and and tools are so expensive they are unusable 

this is not educational its just you being a monster

would be reale nice if you explaiend how to play 

i have no idea how to even play 

its hard to read 

not a idle game

no i did not find a 2nd tomb stone i got the base one to level 10 and then just got bored  as nothing was showing up and then when i went in 1 direction and returned all the gras grew back so i gave up 

the jumping is terrible 

not really a idle game and dont seem to have any goal 

uh i dont think i got the item from the cat

also the auto fire cat cant hit shit 

infinite loop dont work properly 

Unable to parse Build/Fabric Empire(1.1) WebGL! This can happen if build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response Header "Content-Encoding: br" present. Check browser Console and Devtools Network tab to debug.

i dont get how skill training works they are all going up at all times no matter what i do 

then dont label it a idle game

not a idle game

did you put ANY effort into this