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A member registered Jun 09, 2022

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the fisherman and bag buttons dont do anything

probably should make it stay on screen unless clicked

Error occurred: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'Create')

is there a way to tell when i reach max growth 

for some reason my mana goes down some times

game doe snot fit properly in window its to tiny

uhhh how do i trade what do i even do



cant do anything but click the carton nothing else works

how do i spend my money

also this is not a idle game

so dont label this as an idle game

and dont throw a hissy fit when ppl criticize your game  

oh and for some one obsessed with physics it has several things that actually dont line p with physics

but hey keep acting like a jackass who thinks they are smarter than every one else and its the players who are stupid

seriously this game is just poorly designed and the developer refuses to listen to feed back 

maybe actually listen to the criticisms your getting from ppl

this game is way to hard and way to slow 

and it barely counts as an idle game do to how much you have to babysit it

uhhh i cant even get 1 human to the station i start with 1000 credits which is how much i need to launch matter but then i dont have enough to send a human 

needs more needs to cover the spcae mining 

what do i do 

i have no idea what to even do

there is nothing here no upgrades or anything just a smiley face to click

this is not a idle game

needs a tutorial 

game does not fit 

once the jam is over i hope you add more content

when game is not in focus it dont run properly

(1 edit)

needs a way to increase income and enemy spawn

a tutorial would be nice

game does not fit frame making it very ahrd to play

coke a cola which the bottles are a parody of uses plastic not glass

plase do not upload with out a tutorial

its more cost effective to just buy the starting upgrades as they dont go up in price

needs some upgrades to make the castle stronger

no no i do not 

cute little game not sure wy im a sentiant blob of poision spreading over everything

i think you could expand this in to something really great if you want to after the jam ends

also this is not reallyh a idle game

bottles are made of plastic not glass

none but i can still critque there is nothing in this game beyond a basic idle clicker template 

why no mercury or venus

and what about the sun

you did not do ANY work with this game at all this is not even in pre concept stage