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Thank you! This honestly made my day. <3

Thank you! Could you elaborate on wasting the water? Was it getting triggered incorrectly? 

I ask because I'm turning this into a much bigger project and want to make it perfect :)

Oh shoot, ok so the coins. For the final version of the game you're going to be able to buy upgrades for your staff, and for mounts. For this one I just put in 94 coins, 1994 was THE YEAR for SNES which is my biggest inspiration for most of the work I do. I wanted to incorporate spending the coins, but again, 2 weeks was crazy. I can't believe I got as much done as I did. 

Again, thanks for the critique, it's super important to me :)

Thanks for the input! I should have made the keys more clear. I intend on making the full game into a dungeon crawler/vania game. I was trying to have as little prompting from me as possible. I really wanted to make the entire game without any language in it at all, but crunch time slowed me down.

I don't think the backtracking is necessarily bad, just I should have conveyed that it was a possibility. Maybe a sign in the first room that says find the keys?

Parasol Stars is my biggest influence for this game! Glad you noticed. I'm happy you liked it. I'll be turning this into a big project where the bubbles will have much more importance than just killing rats.

Thank you so much. This made my day.

Thank you! It was so fun to cram draw this whole thing.

Could you explain the control issue more? I plan on continuing development for this game

You and Azula have been there from the beginning, I'm happy you've followed me on this journey so far! I can't wait to get Boulder Mage into a full fledged game, this really lit a fire under my butt

Thanks for the critique! My goal is to have the game run with a gamepad one day (when I make the full version of the game). I didn't even test with mine because of the time restraints. I'll keep working on it. :)

That's definitely a problem I didn't forsee. I also learned that unity projects will go fullscreen with ALT-ENTER. I'll have to include that in the bug fixes post-jam :) Thanks for sending that over. I wonder if I can ratio lock the window somehow....

Hey! Sorry it was my end apparently. It doesn't like Brave - Works in chrome :)

Let me know if it works for you! I've come across one bug so far that if my artwork isn't divisible by 2 it doesn't like it and moved some pixels around. it doesn't need to be a power of two just divisible by 2. There might be a work around, I suspect it has to do with the pivot point being inside a pixel space.

Yeah these jams are brutal when it comes to game scope. I think you got something pretty cool here though, I'd love to be throwing flames around and tactically setting stuff on fire. 

My brain split and I posted the pixel stuff on the other thread.... Here it is again incase you don't go back to that thread:

If you want some help with pixel perfect in Unity, I developed an asset because of this jam! It works -WAY- better than the "PixelPerfect" script that is in Unity. That's what I used for BMATEN and was able to rotate sprites, but not lose that crispy pixelness (you can see this in the boss fight when his hands rotate) . I released the asset for free, as well as the steps to make your own if you need other dimensions :)

I loaded it up again and this time it has sound! Must have been my end yesterday. Man coming back to this again, this game has some serious potential. If this idea was fleshed out for a big boss fight it would be siiiiick.

Yeah for some reason when I set my game up I couldn't get the full screen button to show up any more. I've never had to output to browser before, and was running out of precious brain fuel.

Thanks for playing!  I'm glad you liked it.

THAT PESKY MOUSE! I thought I fixed that. Thanks for playing my game

If you want some help with pixel perfect in Unity, I developed an asset because of this jam! It works -WAY- better than the "PixelPerfect" script that is in Unity. That's what I used for BMATEN and was able to rotate sprites, but not lose that crispy pixelness (you can see this in the boss fight when his hands rotate) . I released the asset for free, as well as the steps to make your own if you need other dimensions :)

No matter what I press I shoot straight up into space...

Besides the pixels that rotate, this is the most solid one I've played so far. Awesome work!

The hitboxes were weird, but any game where I can spook a spooker is a 10/10 for me.

That was stupid, I loved it.

It wouldn't let me plant the bridge at the end of the first area? I don't know what I was doing wrong.

It took me a minute to understand what I was doing, but after that it was sort of neat. I wish there was sound to understand stuff better.

I would love to see this as a big game. I like the idea of finding the right universe to finish the level. 

That was cool! I felt like I was back in my old local pizza shop playing some games. How did you pull off the 3D?

Beautiful art style. I found killing the slimes to be tedious over fun. I wish that they set on fire and then caused more fires and stuff. Great pixel art and the character walking animation is rad.

Cool art style!

Oh yeah, I wish there was music, but I get it, we only had 2 weeks :)

Neat game! So far this is the one I played the most. The boss was tedious, and I ended up giving up. He would just hang out in the corner where I couldn't bomb him and I spent forever just dodging bullets and not doing anything.

Besides that though, cool concept, I'd love to see this fleshed out bigger :)

The game shows the intro "Actually Little Red wore atop hat it went like this..." and freezes. I can't get past that screen.

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but I can't get the game to load... No key will get past the 1X 4X thing....

I'm guessing you're talking about from the Bottom Right most room to the one above it. I noticed I would go up from the right side and it was easy to get up, but when I was trying to finish up the code I noticed the left side was stupid. I lookout to avoid that in future versions of this game. I plan on turning this into my big project. (well... it was always my big project, this was like a tech demo for it....) Thanks for playing! :)

ACK! Thank you. That double-jump/wall-jump mechanic was driving me crazy. I couldn't find the right balance. I talked to my brother and it seems like I should have had a reverse input delay to initialize the wall jump. Future kinks to figure out, I suppose.

Could you send me a screenshot of the issue you were having?

This is a cute infinite runner! I dig it :)

Hey! I might have a fix for your embedding problem! In Unity2020 set your project to NOT COMPRESS. :)

Seems like a neat idea, though I'm a little confused. I ran out of bullets so it was a gameover? Then it put me in an endless loop of being a game over, I had to refresh the page to start again. You lose less health hitting the cactus guys than if you shoot them.

The art is gorgeous! That animation on the coat is sublime.

I had some weird clipping issues. When I left the first room it put me behind the door and then I glitched into where I should have been in the living room? When I went to the church to steal the bible I guess I died but it kept the prompt and I warped to my bike at the house. 

Thanks Pit! I'm glad you liked the controls. I spent the first 2 days of the jam making them before I built anything else and then tweaked them along the way. You made my day :)

Thank you! That means a lot.