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THIS GAME WAS FIRE FIRE!! I LOVED THE LAST MAP I PLAYED!! Just super hard to find all the clues!! Great work!!

I really enjoyed this game!! I wish there was more additional games in the squid games! But red light green light seems really fun! Thanks for the game!! :D

This game was super fun!! Reminds me of spongebob and gta 5 having a mix :D

what a great game to come back to! I love it!

This game is scarier then i thought it was gonna be!

I absolutely love this game! It Tilts me! But it is so much fun to play! Thank you for this amazing game! Keep it bro! WOO! 

DUDE!!  This was my favorite out of the three I played!! It really makes me feel like i'm playing as Santa!! THEN THINGS TURN BAD!! It was a really cool game and had a lot of great things in the game!! I loved shooting the gnomes/elfs in this game!! LMFAOO Keep up the great work!! Expecting more great things from you!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :D 

Real exciting game!! Didn't know what was coming!! It was pretty fun for a short game!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :D

Fun game!! I loved the driving part of the game!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :D

I replayed this game and it's one of my favorite games of all time!! Thank you for this game!!

I played this game a year ago and I still love it!! Kinda sus and weird but game gives me nostalgia!!! Keep up the good work!!

Dude! I love this game!! It did all the right things to scare me!! It scared me so hard my camera almost fell over haha! Great game! Huge fan! I wish I could say "hope there is a full game" but I really don't... JUST BECAUSE I DON'T FEEL LIKE GETTING SCARED THIS BAD AGAIN LMAOO!! Great game! Good job!!

This game was weird as hell at first. Then I realized this game was funny as shit! I love patricks voice! It reminds me of gta 5!! Great game thank you for it!!

I LOVED THIS GAME!! This game is so amazing! Although it is just a demo it had so much detail!! Being a toy isn't so pleasant as I thought!! Thank you so much for this game and I plan to play the full game soon! Thank you so much!!

So with my second gameplay of this game I want to say I really do enjoy this game!! The more I get into the game the more I learn and I am really enjoying this series great game!!

I honestly loaded up this game expecting nothing to happen... but this game really did surprise me. This game was really interesting and had a great idea and I really did enjoy it! I plan to play more and expect more! Thank you for this fun exciting game!

I loved this game!! This is literally the best Siren Head game i've ever played! I loved this I really did get scared and thank you for this game! I hope to see more games from you bro!

I loved this game it did a great job! I plan on buying the full version the ending of this demo was so unexpected I recommend this game to a lot of people!!

I loved this game!! It has great potential for more!! Very scary and unlike other games does it's part of the horror jumpscare! I had a hard time trying to get pass the end but was so worth it! I didn't know cleaning would be this terrifying?? The gameplay audio was really low so I just added background music to my video but thats it. It's really creepy without it anyway! Have a great day! Thank you for this awesome game!! :)

I loved this game so much potential!! Keep going!! Looking Forward for more!! Thank you! :)

I loved this game!! It was very fun interesting to play!! Thank you for the expierence!!

I loved the game!! I can't wait for more it had a lot of scares and can't wait for more!! Thank you for that fun expierence!! :D

This game was awesome!! Had some great jumpscares that i've got scared from in a long time!! Thank you for this game!!

I loved it!!! Can't wait to see how this game goes!! Good luck!! But I don't think the game needs luck you'll do just fine!!! :)

I loved the game!! It was really creepy!! Good jobe!! Have a great day guys!! :D

I really enjoyed the game!! Good work!! Have a great day guys!! :D

I Really enjoyed the game!! Has a lot of potiental I hope this grows even more as it has!! :) Have a great day y'all!! :D

This was really one of the scariest games i've ever played it had a unique tone to it!! Thank you for scaring the hell out of me!! Also Have a great day guys!! :)

Have a good day guys!! :) I also really enjoyed the game good work!! :)

Ofc! It's a great game! :)

My Boy C&D Cardboard Games with another good game!! Hope you guys have a good game!!

Please show some support!! :) HAVE A GREAT DAY!! :)

I loved this game it is one of the scariest i've played in a long time!! Thank you for making this and have a great day to anyone who see's this comment!! :)

Have a great day guys!! It was a great game!! :)

I enjoyed the game made me rage a lil though :) 

Have a good day guys :)