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Hehe, i wonder which one ;) Thank you for playing

Sadly doesn’t work on a my gbc, but the game itself is great

Thanks for your Feedback, I agree, it could use some changes, especially performance-wise.

I’m currently learning how to do screen-effects and to use sprites more efficiently. I’ll give it an update, once i know more.

very fun and really polished thumbs up

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It’s kinda weird to say that this crash is normal. I had some problems with sprites disappearing after you entered the “system-pause menu”, so i instead exited the entire game.

This game doesn’t have an auto-save. You save by opening Mia’s home and looking at the changed password

Sry for the inconvenience *edit 31.08.23 - See devlog

Yeah Mia is a bit jittery if she comes in contact with walls, sry about that.

About the error. Are you playing this on an o3ds? Does it only occur if you try to save/load? These tips would be very helpful.

I’m currently learning C++, so i can use Devkitpro instead of LPP. Maybe i can use save-files then instead of passwords…

Thank you for playing :)

Incredibly polished, i could easily see this as a mobile game / Time killer. The sounds and the goofy character are great :D

Instead of the clock, you turn around. I love bullet hell, so i may be a bit biased here :S

Great game, loved the idea of literally playing with time :) At first i thought the game didn’t work in firefox, until i noticed that big F in the upper left corner…

Thank you so much :D I had planned to enable/disable the ‘noise’-track for footsteps, but for some reason the entire game would slow down when i did that ‘~’

Crouching is a bit unnecessary, but the game itself is nice

Worth every second of playing ~♪

I’ll make the preview-window a bit bigger :D thanks for the feedback

Cute tribute with a dedicated meow button I especially liked level 3


Then you understood everything… Sadly Coppercube decided to screw over my webgl build (and i really don’t want to do it over again), so you can’t do more than moving around and click some stuff. Sorry about that :S

awesome. 1 minute is a bit short, but it’s even more rewarding when you finally make it

Same problem, tried it in a different browser, still flickering platforms

Really nice short game. Surprised by the shift button :D Could use some music, but the animations are awesome.

as frustrating as the tiger electronics games. awesome Graphics. Great job :)

Fun little collectathon

ending surprised me :)

I sadly already knew how to get to the end. But it was the exploration-part that got me :)

I definetly wanna try to find all rooms!

Cleaner-bot ftw :) really cute game

Great game. I know how hard it is, to work with the gameboys limitations :)

Controls like one of these older DOS cinematic platformers which gives the game a nice touch. Great game!

I get stuck in the down right corner because of the flying Head. Don’t know what to do. Sprites lookin’ nice tho

Reminds me of a game i loved on the 3DS ;) Looks nice, and is simple to play. Great job