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Thanks! We're working on more pixel-pulps (longer, tighter and more polished! After all, this was made in 14 days for a game jam.) Cheers!

Wow, thanks for everything you say! Really glad you enjoy our art direction (we call our games pixel-pulps, fast paced visual novels with rich pixel art.)

Shark Riders was made in 14 days for a jam. Although there are lots of thing we should have done slightly different if we had time, we're really glad with the results. And now we're working in new pixel-pulps (Bahnsen Knights and Red Dragon Down.)

Cheers and thanks again!

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Thanks for making this video! The game was made in 14 days, so it has some rough edges here and there (ending numeration is bugged, we will correct it in the next patch), but It's nice to see it out there being played. Cheers from Argentina!