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For the Mac version, it says use arrow keys to move but nothing makes me move lol so the game is unplayable. Just a heads up! 

added you :) Thank you!!

Thank you for your reply!! Please help me lol. Whats the easiest method of contact for you?

If you have completed the game, could you help me out? I cant get past the room with the teacup and sheep puzzle

Yet another masterpiece made by Dema Studios. Thank the lord for no parkour this time, the parkour elements of Dema games usually makes me quit before I get to the end because its insanely difficult on a Mac and don't always work the way it should. I seriously cant wait for your next game!!! Please tell me its on the way

Ok so I restarted the game and got to the mask in the box. But then the game just ended with a "game over" after I found the boy in the box with no mouth. Is that really the end of the game? Or did I miss the true ending?

despite the bug, love the concept!! brings me back to my childhood with putt-putt games. Id love to see more like this!! maybe even a Freddie fish version?

I put the shapes in the box but it says I still need to find them? Idk if this is a bug or something, but ya im stuck.

This is one of the better games ive played in a while. Incredible job!!! I'd love a part two, or at least to see more like this in the future. 
However, I would like to see more details in the story. We had to collect th "odd" star seeds but did they even have a purpose?

Loved the game! The puzzles were excellent. However, I do wish the game was a little more first person in that you can use the mouse to look around. I dont like how my movement is so limited. Other than that, keep up the good work!

So far, love the concept of the game! The known bug where the generators turn off once you've been killed makes the game sort of tedious and wish it were fixed! 

Also, Is there a way to get around Moe? Once he starts chasing you its impossible to turn the generators on even if you sprint, if you stop for a second you die.

Keep up the good work!

I NEED a chapter 2!!! so much fun. Puzzles were challenging, but not enough to make me throw my computer across the room, and thankfully no math lol. Keep up the good work! Hope to see more games soon!

I cant for the life of me figure out the second room of puzzles, and the hints are not helping. Then again, I can't math if my life depended on it XD can someone please help!?