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Thank you. I am going to remake it this weekend.

hey, game crashes when I started the game and don't know why

Hey just writing, you need to send whole files with inside a rar or zip file. Unless you are making your game without a game engine (or godot ı think).

game is to much hard and ı think you should add reload to game

I like the game but I think you should add a timer to game

"Connections" is the theme of jam

Voting has begun, for vote google form

UI elementleri bütün ekranlara göre değil. Onu ayarlaman lazım, çok sinir bozucu oluyor.

bu labirentin bir çıkışı olmadığına %60 eminim 

hey ı used your tile set in my game, here is the link of my game

İf you want to still submit your project just send the link of the page.

Hey, nice game but its a bit dificult to play, at least for me.

But I like the way you use the theme and its nice to play.

The Cube Experience community · Created a new topic Sprites

I love your game and sprites are so cute.

Hey your crussor is not working, change the sprite to crussor.

don't wory ı found the passwords


Hey, ı have question.

İs there difrent pasword for each hint.

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I will don't wory.

İf you want any help. I like to work with you.

I am single developer to.

I dead in the second part but it spawns me in the first part.

You should add a fuel system and 
you should add some gas can in the levels, we can pick it up.

Final advice does a time counter and when the player arrives finish pop-up a UI that writes time and fuel on itself, a button that loads the next level.

I liked it but I can't find the store.

İs it only on downloadable version?

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Hı ı need to say it.

Game is looping in the hunting house, When ı got the paper ı can't see it in my ınventory