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A member registered Sep 19, 2017

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It's time to fight back... kinda. Sorta. Can you even call these dudes inner demons?

I'm sorry, I think i have a GLITCH in my system! Can you GyUS check it out?

Don't mind me, just wanna share my experience with you :D
Loved the game (if I even can call it that, for me it's a story) and the music 

i finally finished the game :D (after a month< but it still counts... right?)
anyhow, i LOVED it and wish you the best in developing the full thing. and waiting on that one too

Can I just say how much I want you to release the full game now? xD
Only played the first 30-ish minutes, so far it's great


This is my new OTP now. I will protect it and love it.

This game sure does raise this question. Still haven't found all the endings, but I did my best to do so. Loving the art style so much.

I don't know what's with me and this type of games, but it seems that I can never get enough of them. I just started it, but maaaaaan does it look and sound gorgeous :D
Please tell me it will be completed soon~