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Happy to hear! I will post the next public devlog, in the near future, with the progress so far >.<. If it's just about general design process, I've written a few public jam post-mortem on my ko-fi. If it's just about HMP devlogs I do posts as I complete a step of development on ko-fi for supporters. Thank you for playing!

thank you so much!

I really liked the game, it felt like a solid JRPG adventure with good mechanics that represented the plot. I like how you are always rewarded for exploring and revisiting places, the maps make sense and the way they connect makes you feel like you really come up a long way since the beginning. I also liked the difficulty of the game which makes it challenging but still not need to grind for hours on end. The only "issue" I experienced was some tilesetting that I could go through walls or walk on top of them but it never made me stuck on anything.
The characters are also very interesting, I thought Amos would have a much darker arc XD their dialogue is interesting to read and the "party talk" button is very appreciated. There are a lot of side quests that are there only by npc dialogue without pointers so it felt "organic" and more like a choice I did to go back and bring what they asked for which is nice. For the main quests, though, I would appreciate if the characters told me the directions again since it can be kinda confusing if you have to stop in the middle of a quest. 
End dungeons were challenging and fun, especially the extra one. Religious references went over my head but I had a lot of fun regardless. Congrats on the game, hope to see the possible sequel? in the future! 

I finally had the time to play this game properly and I'm blown away!! It's so good! I had no idea what to expect from these characters but it's amazing ToT)

The first time on the lake was so impactful, I thought making Iggy feel shame for being cautious was pretty clever, especially bc I feel like it would work on me XD.  And the end, the end was fantastic. The reveal???? The animation????? The feels????? omggg. I was left kicking, screaming and throwing up.
I don't really look to self-insert or relate to characters but I Iggy feelings and struggles for being ace are so realistic and I felt so seen >.< 
I really like how we understand the characters and the balance between the horror and the cute scenes it just leaves us wishing some happiness for everyone just as Iggy. 
Arc 3 was my favorite just to fulfill my dreams of being an evil royal advisor.
I'm just so excited for the last arc, I can't stop thinking about this game, it's amazing, so well constructed, so well presented. I love the UI, the sprites, the expressions and all the CGs??? They are 10/10 even though the situation is messed up the dancing scenes are so fun ç~ç 
Cecil will live in my heart until Orlam eats it I guess

I also just realized you made Easter too which I played a while back and it made a lot of sense XD it had the same vibe and the art was very charming.

Amazing game, I wish you all the best to complete the next arc, very excited to see it! 

this game was soo good!! I was hooked right from the start and all the ending variations were so fun and interesting! I loved all the characters, it was a very refreshing yandere story and all the CGs were super charming >.<

The game was so amazing, I loved all the CGs and sprites! The story and the mystery were super intriguing, I really appreciate the difference between the endings, even the angst was super touching çuç. 

I also like the OST a lot, I think all the music fit really well. This was a really good game, I'm always amazed at the level of polish in such a short time!

I was so hyped for this one. Just the main menu has such a cool presentation, all the CGs are really nice and the voices matched the characters really well. 
The little variations between choices and the discovery of new memories were intriguing and the reveal at the end is just *chef's kiss*

I think you nailed what you were going for and it was a really fun game! 

Amazing game! The story is simple but well constructed from the beginning to the end. I think this quality is present in all your games but I really appreciate the more we discover about the characters the more we deepen the layers between their actions and dialogue. 
The voices were nice as always and it was fun hearing the familiar actors again!! 
I really liked the UI and the character selection too. The game was really fun, congrats on the release. 

Thank you for the kind words! >.<

Thank you very much for your video! Yes, english is not my first language so I'm sorry for any confusing text, I had my friend help me catch errors last minute but even then still had things slip >.<!

Very happy with the compliments on the designs and music! I hope to improve those as well for the final release. 

It's more of a chance thing, but congrats on having the charm in the first playthrough! The endings label are more toward the yandere LI's perspective so that's why it's Maple's bad ending XD. 

Again thank you for your video and feedback, I'll definitely seek a proofreader in the future.  

thank you so much for reading!! Happy you liked them, I had a lot of fun drawing their outfits :D

This was so cute!!! I really like your designs they are so charming. The game kept the suspense going the whole time, The second bad end was my favorite >.<

Thank you so much for playing!! You definitely inspired me a lot with how much effort you put into your layouts and transitions >.<!

Was very excited to see this game and it was a very fun demo! I like Devin's design, he has some of my favorite traits, especially for horror settings.'v')
It was short but I still got a pretty good balance of mystery and that suspicious feeling on the back of your head. 
I got green, orange, and purple hearts, wish you good luck for the full game, can't wait to play it >.<!! 

Thank you very much for all your feedback, I was really happy to bring these characters to life. I'm proud I was able to learn how to frame de CGs like that because it was one of the most important things about how I wanted the game to look like. And yes Maple, especially, is a true yandere route, completely unapologetic about his behavior XD.

Thanks again for playing! 

About or mystery man... I guess we'll have to wait and see ;3

Thank you!! Glad you liked it ^.^

Very fun game as always! ^^ You did such amazing work with all the VAs, the little details in the name boxes, the UI and all the sfx, already can't wait for future volumes >.<

Thank you!! Glad you liked it :D

Thank you so much for the kind words! >.< 

hope the situation gets better >.< Very happy to hear about the new chapter and the focus on the lore, all of the features sound like a lot of fun (and pressure)  Good luck until the release, hope everything goes well for you 'u')

Congrats on the new update, really enjoying the story so far and how well it carries the plot and the tension. ^-^

The game looks amazing, and the characters are very likable! Love me some classic grumpy detective >.<!! It was so fun, really hope to see the sequel, heck I could play a whole series of this TuT, congrats on the game. 

the art, the color palette is soooo beautiful! It was an amazing game, congrats! The writing too, it had a more relatable feeling to how dreams go, I really like it>.< Hope to see more works!

A very interesting and beautiful game! A very creative and immersive way to ponder questions about life and what makes it matter, at first I thought it would stop there but after the last ending, I got to like the game even more. To know the truth adds much more depth, and makes you understand more about the universe, I like how is still open too.

The character art is so beautiful and distinct <3 It really made me wish for a bunch more routes XD. Congrats on the game!

So so cute!!!! ToT I'm about to explode from cuteness ToT. The character design is so good and fun and colorful I really loved them, awesome cute game! 

Very weird and interesting game! Though I have no knowledge of movies, everything was entertaining and I really like the second and third parts, the dialogue has a nicer flow to it. Great game :D!

Really cool game! I liked how there are subtle hints for the ending and it's quite effective :D  All the mechanics to raise the tension are really nice, very excited to see the other endings! 

This game is so cute!! The characters are charming right out of the bat and the simplicity is so effective!! Music was very nice, especially main menu one is a jam. 

I like the change of the camera, the animated parts. Con artist's sneaking sprite is very good too XD. Anyway, very cute game with very charming endings.

Again what a great game you gifted us >.<! It was a very interesting concept and an even greater experience, I had my brain explode in certain moments! 

Everything looks really good in the game and I really liked the ost too. The bonus and the interviews are always such a nice touch, it's very interesting to hear everyone's experience, the voice acting was perfect. 

You did an awesome job with the game, wish you all the best with your next projects, I'm always excited to hear news from you :3

omg yes! I love this game, and the remake is definitly some exciting news! If it was on steam I would definitely consider it! Nano's new sprite look so cute :3 I wish you luck with the remake, this is a very touching game. 

It's been a while since I read something that made me connect and imagine the universe so vividly like this. Sometimes I have to remind myself this doesn't have any ilustrations with how clear you manage to describe the scenes. The word building is truly fantastic and the characters, just so well writen, I usually struggle so much with names, I can barely remember the main characters names from my favorite midias and yet I always take note of the supportive characters in this story. The interactions are so nice to read, it really feels that there as long term dynamics between the characters, I love this story so far and am really thankfull for your hard work. Really excited to see how it goes form now on.

Your works are alwawys such a joy! Love how the game is looking, can't wait for the next update >.< (Also I just love Satine's dress) 

Just finished playing the last build and dang I didn't expect to be so long! This game is absolute incredible right now, I have to admit, at first I wasn't that engaged with the characters but they are really starting to grow on me and story too. Loving the bits o mystery and some of the "horror", the dream sequences are downright my favorite part of this game, they are really different, and complement well a lot of what's going on in the mc's mind, I also like the painted style with almost "color coding" I don't know how to describe it. 

I also really like the intro, it was *the* thing that got me invested in this game to begin with. For me, though, the tour dragged a bit in some instances, I get why it was so long and most of it endend up paying off later just some bit of dialogue felt a bit unecessary. 

now that we are being introduced to more branches of the storyline, it's gettting pretty interesting, specially with Zach and I can't wait to play future updates. I really admire the amount of effort going into this writing. (English is not my first language, I apologize for the grammar.)

I knew I recognize the artsyle but I gasped when I saw it was actually the Otoge series. Great character design as always. 

This was incredible, just the right combination of nonsense for me, I wouldn't think that the that's where the story was going in the end but it was amazing and you know what? I wouldn't mind an actual deeper dish project  XD. 

OMFKG THIS WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER?!!?! Cats, rythm game, crush on the cutest death, this is right up my alley.

Just out of the bat, animations, incredible detaild background and artstyle. The characters were soo cute and so beautifuly drawn. Again, Animations!! The sheer number of animations is just so much! Like, I could just hang out at the bar because it's nice to look at it. (Also I almost died at the loss.jpg reference, I wasn't expecting it, i just wheezed). The only thing I noticed kid of off is that the buttons and music were synched a bit weird sometimes but otherwise it was really fun. The polaroids at the ending also really cute. 10/10 absolutely. Wish it were longer. 

pretty excited for the next updates! The Interface of the game looks awesome from the start so its pretty fun to just wander around. I think it's nice to be able to know characters backgrounds and more lore related stuff and adds more interest for the nsfw content. Also using itens during battles will sure help a lot. Curious to see the implement for interactions with party members too since they don't heal when you rest (or I just didn' t figure out how to do it)

Amazing game! Each character gives a different feeling and it's very refreshing going through diferents routes. The concept itself is very interesting and the actions scenes were very well writen, represented their trained skills in taking the enemy in fast and efficient ways than if they were exausting battling like in a shounen anime. My favorite route was Haruto mainly beacuse It seemed Ren had more interactions with all the characters, just my impression though. I like the soundtrack, my only problem is they way the music cuts to switch to another in some scenes specially when in does it multiple times because I couldn't help getting distracted by it. 

Also I would like to inform that in 2 times in Haruto route, when one of the characters left the room, their sprites didn't go away, not sure if It was intended. 

Overall I really liked the playtrhough, it was nice how the interactions were diferent and he shared diferent memories with each one, it sure helps keep interest in getting through every line the game has to offer, and the option to make amends with his brother was a nice touch. The art was also very pretty and the CG's were well done. I'm excited for future games.

The characters were so interesting!The art it's also charming and it was a very refreshing plot setting, can't wait for the next updates.