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Sas van der Westhuizen

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This has a lot of potential and I think tweaking the car control config a bit might help in just providing better feedback on how you're aiming. Love the esplosions!

I think the best time is a great way to just keep somebody playing. Very nice and simple!

Great first effort! Hope this puts you on a lifelong journey of making games ;)

Yet again another network multiplayer. You keep making us look bad :P

The buggy jump might also be because you're handling physics stuff in the Update method. Rather just capture what you want to happen in Update then do the physics stuff in FixedUpdate

Like I mentioned. Capture input in Update and handle the captured input in FixedUpdate. Doing physics things become a tad weird when you handle them in the Update method :)

This is a really nice quick multiplayer game put together. Lots of potential and can be quite fun once the netcode has been cleaned up properly.

Very nice and juicy! Looked very cool and had some nice solid animations and effects.

Quite a nice funny little game. Really enjoyed it with great humor, just lacking something that makes it really POP!

Indeed a very shiny shooter. Using the Leap Motion provides a very interesting way to interact with games! Loving the potential for future projects hidden in this!

Very good proof of concept for a Jumpers V2. Played the original and this definitely has the potential to surpass it's predecessor!

Nice one on your first try! Bit on the difficult side, but I'm sure with some polishing you can get something playable.