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The game looks beautiful! And the music is so captivating. I like the low poly style of the world.

It was a pretty fun and to be honest a difficult game. 

Movements were really smooth, overall fun.

Thank you so much! That means a lot to us! We'll try to reiterate our concept and try to make the humour and gameplay more polished altogether keeping the essence of this troll game as it is.

Thanks again.

thanks 😁

haha thanks! My game is nothing compared to your game but I had fun creating it, we're a team of two programmers so the art aspect isn't that cool!

The humour is produced in the very brain of yours truly.

I couldn't make it past the 5th way, will the society accept me? 

A good touch on the theme, prototype art is understandable considering the time of Jam.

nice work!

In the first lap my car was way ahead of the AI but in second lap it suddenly crossed me and defeated me... that was soooo lit.

Honestly though I think you guys must be already tired hearing about how amazing the art and sound design are.....all I can say after playing this game ith such great visuals is..Kill me!!!

I loved the "hwah" sound on the sword swing, overall I loved the environment and setting of music, the colors are coming nicely together, I'd give it an A+

"I don't know what I was doing" means we were successful with the game we wanted.

Thank you for playing.

wow! Thanks man! We didn't expect someone would love the game that Much. Sure we'll try to make the game more fun after the jam.

oh! Actually when we started, we thought that a lot of people would do this, but we didn't have much time so we went ahead it with anyways.

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thanks! Hope you defeated the boss! I'm embarrased! don't  quit too early... 8 hours of college for 5 days  almost killed us but the full day of saturday saved us.

the art was amazing, the game's goal was not exactly explained but I loved the art and music. Great work!!!

I loved the feel behind it, the touch you gave after each animation makes the game look alive!! great work man!!

hey thanks for playing state of void, sorry I got caught up in some work and couldn't reply to your precious feedback, yes the game was supposed to have that changing facial expressions mechanism and also like gaining colors, but the jam's constrainsts and time's unavailavblity made it difficult to be added.

actually, i had the exactly same idea in my mind, where f you collect emotions, you and the void slowly gain colors, but after moving a bit ahead with it, i found myself ctrl+z ing a several times remembering that i can use  only two colors.

and man our way of thinking matches too much, definately would love it to have  a developer friend like you.

do you use unity?

if you do, we can work on it together.

thank you so much for your lovely feedback, yes the game was made for a gamejam!! I couldn't make an update, the movement feedback and a minimap were the roadmap to reduce the ridiculous difficulty.  I hope you make your game on the concept with a polished gameplay!!! isn't it just amazing how humans living in different parts of world think about same idea or concept without any common influence, happens to me  a lot.

I'd love it i you share your game once it's completed and after such a lovely feedback I'd definately want to update cursed love soon. thanks again.

I'm the only one on my team, you think my game will be able to stand anywhere near the masterpieces being created by teams working for months already? I wanna take part but it looks like it's already too late..:(

Thank you so much for the feedback, I will definitely try to improve the game and add more functionality, I couldn't for now as I could manage to work only 6-7 hours on the game after my office time, but the game's improvement is something I'll definitely look into.

Thank you do much for taking the time to play the game and write your really valuable feedback, I am really glad.

I'd love to join the championship, I want to know more about looking forward to catch up with you again.

yes, the small platforms at couple of places were intentional to make it a bit challenging,after all the urge to find all the hidden locations and the challenging platforms is the elixir of this game.

Thank you for playing

the game has only 1 big maze with really intentional hard to find areas, hope you'll love exploring.

spoiler: there are total 50 emotions.

thank you for playing STATE OF VOID...

please read the rules, the game is supposed to be that way, you can't move while you can see, you can move only when you can't see.

I'll love some bitter feedback ;)