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I'm not sure why you were having issues, but thanks for attempting to play at least!

Yeah, we ran out of time so I couldn't get animations done. There is an effect that happens if you are using a controller to play the game, but I didn't have time to add the effect to mouse and keyboard controls. Glad you like the mechanics though, thanks for playing!

I could see this game being very fun with a little polish. It has the same feel as the io games but with cars. I was a little confused as to what the objective of the game was, but the movement was very fun. Also, the initial menu screen was confusing to me and I'm not sure what the point of it was. However, add a tutorial, some sound, and a little polish and I think this could be great! Nice job!

Nice job! I wish that it was a little more clear in game what each state of matter did. Also there was no sound at all. However, it was really fun to float around as a gas cloud!

This is a fantastic concept, however the game ended up being a bit buggy. I was able to continue playing after "dying". Also, I think I accidentally skipped a lot of the 2nd level. However, I like the controls and the mechanic. With a little polish I think this could be really great! Nice job!

I really enjoyed this one. The concept is great and the execution is fantastic! Everything was easy to learn and figuring out where to go next was really fun! A small gripe I have is that there are areas where you have to walk a longer distance and the walking noise can get a little annoying. Other than that though, everything was very polished, and I had a great time playing! Great job!

Nice job! The controls were hard to get used to and scoring a goal takes more luck than skill, but it was very fun and I loved boosting and flying around :D

Great concept! At first I thought I had to hold the mouse button down and drag the objects with telekinesis, but after a while I realized that the mouse toggled it. Also, I couldn't seem to get the flashlight to work. However, it was really fun to pick up and throw objects at the monsters, and I loved the eerie aesthetic! Nice job!

Great concept! I like the controls and I love that there is a face picture taped to the front of the character lol. The physics were a bit janky and the hammer didn't catch the ground properly, but I realize that's probably pretty hard to get right with such a short time limit. I loved the music and how it jumbled when you fell off the edge! Nice job!

The combat system is really well done and if I had a buddy to play with right now I'm sure we would have a blast! I don't though, and I wish that solo gameplay was an option. Also, the background music does not match the gameplay at all. Combat is bloody swordplay and music was cutesy bunny pets. Everything else was really well done though! I love the blocking ability and getting the timing down for that was really fun! Nice job!

Very interesting concept and I was really impressed with the AI and art. My only critiques would be that the sound was a bit annoying after a while and the gameplay was mostly just waiting for things to happen. I think there should be more for the player to do. However, this was a very wholesome, happy game and it was entertaining watching all the creatures move around and do their own thing to grow the world! Nice job!

I was very impressed with the sound design and art! However, the controls say "space to shoot bees" but space did nothing for me, even near the bees. I was not able to shoot and could pass through snakes sometimes. Other than that, I had a really fun time trying to time my hops to get over the lily pads! Great job!

Nice job! The game is very polished and works very well. I really like the UI and particle effects when the player moves. I wish there was background music and more sound effects, but overall really good job!

I love how polished this feels! The sound design was fantastic! I love how it slowed when you did. I like the added touch of the parallaxing background and the randomized bullet spray made the game challenging but not impossible. Great job!

When I start the game I am not able to move the character at all and clicking the start button does nothing. I somehow got it working once and played through a few levels and the mechanics and controls work great when it works! Nice job! I had fun destroying those pesky turrets :D

Thanks! I will if I have time!