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[spoiler alert]

A fantastic premise but it feels like the developer wasn't quite sure what to do with it and didn't understand why the initial setting is so unsettling. The uncanny feeling of there being no one where there should be other players, the melancholy of that absence and the hauntological aspect of playing a game from the past where there is no one is deeply disturbing but then the developer completely shatters that atmosphere by bringing in a silly boogie man monster and then overexplaining the setting -- once the mystery of the game is lost, so is the unease, especially given how cliche and frankly ridiculous the "using the game to resurrect my dead wife" premise is.

There was a fantastic point in the game where gramophones were creepily appearing and playing Caretaker-esque ballroom music, and ghostly figures were fading in and out of view -- this had me on edge. I love the initial premise of this game, I just wish it had been executed better.

I loved this game, genuinely haunting and moving, manages to be more than the sum of its parts - one of my favourite game soundtracks.