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My bad, just re-uploaded. Knew something would go wrong, let me know of anything else.

Whoops, re-uploaded with fonts.

A lot of people have unfinished submissions that we'll be working on after the jam, I even have blank doors in my nexus. I wouldn't worry about submitting something that isn't finished, I don't think anyone was expecting for us to finish our games. If your game really isn't ready (missing key requirements) then I would take the 5 late days to wrap up what you have and focus on publishing as clean of a project as you can. I had to quit working on mine with ~3 days left because otherwise my submission would've been a total mess. I've already had to update twice and am preparing a third. Looking forward to what you have even if it isn't totally finished.

This is now the VX Ace Master Race meeting spot, we can speak our minds freely here.