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Lawrence Lazauskas

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I used Audacity to revert my voice and add effects like reverb. :)

Hi, thanks for playing :)

It is good! I've spent many hours playing this and I'd say that it inspired me in my gamedev work.

Kudos to the developer!

It's Unity

No problems, thanks for playing!

And now there is! I was hesitant to upload a Mac version, because I have no way of testing it.

Please let me know if you have any issues and have fun!

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Thank you for playing. 

I kind of had to cut out some stuff to fit in time. I guess I need to learn to plan better, or program faster. :)

EDIT: you were not the first to mention motion blur, so I cut back on it in new build. :)

First one to beat the game. *puts on sunglasses*