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I've replied to your issue with a solution, also there is now a pre-built binary release for windows (which can be used under WINE in linux).

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Haha yep, I'll try and put more lights in the next version! :) This was just a quick test. (I'm assuming you mean the lights worked but a lot of the level was dark and hard to navigate).

Also you will need to use the cursors to navigate at the beginning and shoot the monsters to get out of the corner. I'll try and change the startup location next build.

Also biggest problem is that the mouse doesn't work outside the window bounds in the HTML version. I tried to get this working (you had to call the capture from an input event I believe) but no joy. Perhaps a regression in the engine or I was doing something wrong.

Automated content ID systems, when will people learn! I had a similar problem of someone trying to claim copyright over a composition by J.S.Bach, the cheek! Your sound led me on an interesting read about Shepard-Risset, which I had heard several times but didn't know how it was made... :)