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this one was very on point , with the pandemic happening rn & all . very bittersweet feeling that we cant meet Topaz but like the Archivist hopes , I hope both were happy in the end. 

Very good writing , i thought it was going to be cringy but it wasnt and i loved the story that was there. You easily made a smut  game while slipping in backstory which is nice fr

Oh this story is EVERYTHING  , I'm so excited to keep reading

I'm extremely excited!! Can't wait to chap eight

Not what I expected but very sweet 🥺

I dont know where the start . This had to be one of the best interactive fiction games I've EVER played , for you to write so much in just a single chapter? This could very well be a book. I'm not used to chapters being so long at all , even just one chapter seems to have enough words for 3 , its amazing.  The characters are REAL , real people who dont open up easily and who react the way anyone would. Everyone seems so fleshed out and unique they all left an impression on me , I've already done the hero romance route but now I'm definitely replaying for everyone. Thank you so much for writing this story and you can bet I'll be here for the ride

A really heavy story , makes me really sad for the friends :( but otherwise its beautiful

Perfect,  Perfect , Perfect!! I'm already in love with everyone and Nash is my baby . I love that I just adopted a kid outta no where too lol Joia will be protected 

So glad I stumbled upon this , it's really cool and I cant wait to meet the rest of the characters