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lol im assuming youve never done this before but dw its super easy:

when you press download there should be a little thing that pops up at the bottom of your chrome tab that says something like

when it is finished downloading (should only take a few secs) click on the little ^ next to the .zip file and press show in folder

it should open a file explorer window that shows all your recent downloads. click once on the .zip file and it should highlight in blue. then go to the top of the window and press compressed folder tools

underneath it there should be a button that says extract all, press it. a smaller window should pop up that says choose a location to extract to or something like that, no need to change the location, just make sure the box that says show extracted files when complete is checked, and then click extract

this should take another few seconds, just wait until its done and a new window should pop up, look for the file that says Stick With It (if you look to the right of it should say application) double click and enjoy!!

nevermind!! i fixed it lol

Hi! I am so excited to play this game, but there is no option for the screen resolution I have, what do I do? (I have 2256x1504) Is this an issue?

Hey! This game seems super fun, but I think it is formatted wrong on my screen? I took a screenshot of it. (don't mind my sheep on the bottom haha) Is there any way to fix this?