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u can reach me at ! glad to help^^

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Hi I'm absolutely stunned by this game! The design and art and everything is top-notch! I was wondering if you need a Chinese localisation translator? I have previous experience in Chi-to-Eng game translation as well as other projects on Eng-Chi, and I am very willing to do translation for this game free of charge! Love the thing, thank you for making this!

thank you so much!

I think you could try entering widget mode, then choose [Edit] -> [Paste as new canvas/ Paste into canvas] from the menu bar. Hope this helps!

The whole process: [Select tool] selecting part of card that you want to copy -> control+c -> switch to [widget mode] ->selecting [Edit] from menu bar-> [Paste as new canvas/ Paste into canvas] 

yeah I did that thank you!

played thru!!!! truly marvellous design and art and music and everything!!! love the story too! this feels very polished for 72hrs! (10/10) thank you guys for making this!

Thank you for your infinite patience!

I actually found out that the "snapping to topleft" problem seems to be a browser/desktop issue for a prior version of decker. I've updated to 1.41 and it is fixed for me!

Again much thanks to all the helpful answers and being so encouraging! Hope you have a great day🏃

(for reference, how the desktop version behaves before I updated:)

Sorry the stage position question persists. No matter the POS I give to any puppet they snap to the "topleft" of the screen. CustomPOS works fine.

ah sorry sorry, that was me being unobservant, thank you for the reply!

ah and also trying to show any puppet with stage directions results in them snapping to "topleft" instead of the assigned place. Custom positions work fine.

Moving any puppet from offstage to custom position is also odd? I tried with boxy in the guided tour, but rather than "move from offstage to custom position" it did a diagonal line downwards. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, but I have so much questions.

Sorry, follow up question, does this contradict when I have two or more puppets on one card?

because when I do a:

"!show NAME1 EMOTE customPOS1"
"!show NAME2 EMOTE customPOS2"

only the first line (whichever comes first) gets executed.

On this occasion though:

"!show NAME1 EMOTE customPOS1"
"!show NAME2 EMOTE customPOS2"

both can appear just fine.

Might be some other problem in my design, still checking it out, but shooting the question first)

Ah thank you so very much!!! I kinda guessed that might be the problem. I'm definitely warming up to Decker now, thank you for all the timely answers and being so encouraging!

also the project deck probably looks best if one switches to the first card and starts there() looks a bit messy otherwise 

also is it possible to copy and past rich text? I'm mass-editing a lot of repeating header-font text in a field and it'd be lovely if I can copy rich-text and paste back rich-text

really worried that these questions are dumb() sorry!)

Back with more questions ><! Hope I'm not being dumb

I'm working on a visual novel using the Puppeteer and Dialoguer modules, so far I was able to follow the digital guides pretty well! Problem occurred concerning this page from the guide:

In my deck I have added the two modules, and added the dispatching code into the deck script, like so:

on command x do pt.command[deck x] end
on animate   do pt.animate[deck]   end

I have the puppets in place, and can call on them fine

It's just that, like this testing ground here:

with the test button as so:

on click do[deck]

and the field value as shown, it should animate the puppet as well as saying the text,,,,, or so I think? Almost an exact copy from the digital tour of Puppeteer: !show NAME EMOTE POS

But it ignores the three commands above and only says "test"

Further checking proves the "!anim" command also doesn't work for my puppets:

!show NAME EMOTE customPOS         #this works just fine
!anim NAME EMOTE bob               #this does not work
#I suspect it might be because of the custom position, as I've returned to the digital guide
#and added the !anim command to the custompos boxy page
#it didn't work
"!show NAME EMOTE center"
"!anim NAME EMOTE bob"
#the puppets positioned itself on topleft and did not move

So far my solution is calling on a card-level change of dialog box appearance and puppeetering, adding !commands in the rich text field being read out, and putting custom command edits in the card script, eg.

on command x do
if x~"tup"
"!show katurian close left1"
elseif etc.etc.

it works but I fear it might be bulky in the future, and animating in the rich text field would be convenient. Also the fact that it doesn't work is bugging me

I have uploaded a temp backup html copy of my project onto itch, it can be seen here in case anyone wants to check out the code,,,, The last reply for the enum ask was super useful so I'm mustering up the courage to ask again. Hope the question makes sense, really bummed, thanks in advance!

dropping in to say I love the mind boggling effect meme lmaoooo 😭 good luck on the development!

ahh thank you!

This helps so much! thank you! it works, but not...quite!

I tried the solution given, and (splitting the options) it did work! but for some reason *reading* the chosen random has problems?

Here's what I got:

  • A button that goes
on click do
    enum1.value:random["\n" split enum1.options]
  • enum1, with a bunch of options, and 
  • A field, called teste1
  • Another field, called StoryFin
  • And the Card script that goes
on generate do
    StoryFin .text:  teste1.text, "-continued with a lot of other text and stuff"

But what's happening on the button click:

Enum1 picks a random option just fine, but DIFFERENT from teste1 and StoryFin. teste1 and stdryfin has the Same text, but always different from enum1

Modifying the prototype also don't quite work. I don't know how to fix this so I'm reaching out again >< hope this isn't a stupid question! The og answer is already such a big help

Hi! Been playing around with Decker for a while but the first time to make a post and ask for help

I've been trying to code up a semi-generator, and the [enum] contraption is nearly exactly what im looking for! But my question is, is it possible to have another button randomise and choose one option on an enum on click?  And how would that translate in code?

In the Generator that I have, and from my reference Koboldy Go! , the generators work a [button click]-[field]randomize from [grid values]; 

Is it possible with the enum contraption to have a [button click]-[enum field] randomize from [enum options] & [field] update as enum choose option? That way players can still interact with the enum and change the chosen option if they like.

Dunno if the question makes any sense, thanks for anyone that might help out in advance :) !

great game!!! really polished concept, clean art and design! played through with straight-s except the last one! (wonder how one get a perfect game on that one)

thank you for making this!

Thank you so much this is brilliant!

amazing game! especially loved the music, art and animation! great jokes too xd thank you for making this!

brilliant game, thank you so much! (I think it would be fun if the board changed around after each mob!) Good luck on the development!

lovely!!! super creative! I enjoyed it lots! (10/10) Thank you for making this! ^^

I did ran into a small bug where I took the lift up to the top floor, and the graphics for the foreground of the big cyber-doors appears to be missing. (The battery cell on the right is still highlighted and can be accessible) Hope this helps!)

Played through! Thank you so, so much for making this! Simply awesome! The music, art and writing are all spot on! Can't wait for more!

Amazing experience! Thank you so much for making this game! Great fusion between the music art and story. Wish you luck on the game jams and thank you for introducing us to decker ^^ (1o/1o)!


Lovely game! Thank you so much! The reflection on indienova was inspiring too.

Just meant to ask, I'm stuck on a loop on the big duck level (the one after the 'the end?' screen with the duck taking up 4 blocks) just wondering if there is supposed to be an ending after that or just a bug.

anyway, great game! lovely mechanics and art! 10/10

This is lovely! I also love the fact that ppl are sharing their music in the comments and it just looks totally unhinged ^^ Thank you for this game!

add the whiskey THREE times! hope this helps!

amazing project!!! great kudos to everyone, thank you all so much for making this wonderful thing!

Played through! Lovely as always!!! 100/10!!!

very fun love the concept! great music too! 10/10 :D

Great game as always! 10/10 !!! The animations and design and general gameplay are all a delight! Thank you Kul!

Love the deadpan meow from mr fur moon XD

lovely story and lovely art! thank you for this game! <3

lovely!!! brilliant concept and nice music, thank you for this game! :D

thank you so much, the experience has been lovely! <3

neat game! love the mechanics! :D

I escaped (?) 

solid game! love the cooler scheme and the mechanics design :D reminds me of the countless full-paged pencil dungeon rooms when I was little