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Cute Ghost, superb puns!

Can't wait to play the next areas and see what happens to ghost friend :)

Little hint for you then. The copied part stays in your clipboard so you can paste the same blocks multiple times without having to copy again. Hope that helps :)

I promise you, it's not. All included levels are beatable :)

Good suggestion, we will think about that. Don't want to make it to easy though and have people copy/paste random bits rather than think about it. 
Thanks a lot for playing :)

No need to apologize :D Glad you enjoyed it so far. If you want a hint about lvl 32 let me know.

The project was created with Typescript and PIXI.js :)

Ah a bug! Thanks for sharing this. We will fix it!
Game got confused if the lava or the key pick up is more important :D

Good to hear it was a challenge :D
We are planning to turn it into a full game and will be posting updates about it on itch and twitter.
Hopefully your brain will have recovered by then ;)

Cheers, Laura

Thank you so much! Your game looks so cool as well! I think we just got kind of lucky since so many good games had similar ideas. The level of excellence during this jam was insane!

We will develop the game into a full title. So hopefully we can explore some more cool ideas with the mechanic :)