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I liked this! It's so cute but it was brutal every time I lost a duckling

This is awesome!!! The art and story were so captivating. Will definitely buy when the full version is released.

This was so cute!!

this is so creepy. i thought i was seeing things when my avatar looked at me the first time. 10/10 considering it was a game jam game. i wish i knew more backstory for why it was haunted/the purpose of all the collected items!

This was so fun!! Reminded me of Rhythm Heaven

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I loved playing this game. It was so charming and adorable. I loved the mini games too. I didn't miss the lack of music but I did wish there was flute noises for when you play the flute, but even then I enjoyed just making it up in my head!


congrats on your new role! i'll always be happy that we were able to enjoy your creations no matter how long the hiatus, even if you decide game dev isn't for you in the end.

I know it was short but I still loved the sixty seconds that I played. There were some that stumped me for a little bit and it was really cute. I'd love a full version if you ever wanted to make one.

I love this game! It's cute and the controls work. It's simple enough to have fun but challenging enough that I want to win.

I love the art in this game. I would buy some of those stills if they were prints for sale. 100/10 on that.
I wish the story was more fleshed out so I understood why Nano's moments of doom were important moments (i.e. with the kid). The plot kind of left me wanting more answers. Where did the enemies come from? Why is the world ending? Why is our main character a part of that group of people, and who are they? Who is the leader and why is their relationship the way it is? 
I also wished there was some backstory or a flashback of a specific time for why Nano is so full of doubt. If it's not a case or plot point of amnesia, knowing his past would have helped me understand why he is how he is. I think that Nano having a flashback to a time he failed to help someone and having that connect back to the present would have made me feel more empathy for him in that moment. If you were still interested in this project (I know this was a side gig) and made an update with backstories I would definitely pick it up.

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This game is awesome. I couldn't get past the chase sequence. It was super hard, especially with no checkpoints and having all the previous sequences not be nearly as difficult (it could just be that I'm bad at chase sequences though - I couldn't get past one of them in Celeste either). That being said I'd definitely play a longer version with checkpoints because I want to see how it ends! The concept and the rest of the gameplay is great.

This game looks great but it runs pretty slowly on my computer - is there any way to change the quality?

I think I know where this game was going but I couldn't get past day 3 trying to light the cigarette with the empty lighter. Was the point to game over, or was there more?

This literally made me laugh out loud multiple times. There were a couple of typos but it didn't ruin the story for me because the writing itself was hilarious and good. I would definitely play another game with these characters if you made one!

short but wonderful! creative, cute art, really nice concept. made my heart warm

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I loved this game so much...I was only interested in Kaito and Dominic in the beginning but afterward I loved the concept and writing so much that I ended up playing through all the (good end) routes and enjoyed all of them! Alexandre ended up being my favorite which surprised even me (because of the age gap), and I love that feeling of discovering my love for a character that wasn't initially there through playing their route. I really hope to see these characters again, or get to see more of your work in the future.

Loved this game. I really hope that a completed version is released, I would totally buy it. The RPG elements mixed with the mystery and puzzles were awesome. Such a minor detail, not sure if it's a default in RPG Maker, but I loved watching the main character squat whenever he looked at something on the floor.

loved this game. the writing style was really appealing and the art and plot was engrossing. can't wait for the full version!

Even though this was literally less than five minutes of gameplay just as you advertised, I really liked this and hope you make an extended or completed version someday. Maybe part of the appeal was that it was so short that I got into the world but because it didn't feel like all the details of my life in that world were thrown at me I could make the rest of the story however I wanted. I still would love to see the rest, the sprites and setting were great and I liked the poetic and short writing style.

The concept for this game is awesome. I love the atmosphere and the concept of being inside an arcade and you physically move to get to different "machines". I unfortunately couldn't play the game past moving around because the game lagged so hard. I'm sure it's my hardware (I'm using an hp laptop), but it would be really nice to see graphics settings that allowed users to lower the quality in order for it to work on less beefy systems!

I really like this game! It's cute and simple. The time powerup didn't really feel like an advantage. I wished it was a little longer, even five seconds would've been enough time for me to keep looking, but it took me two seconds to even register I got more time and it was already over.

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I thought this game, even if minimalist and a demo, was pretty cute. It didn't make sense and that was part of the charm. An egg eating bananas to hatch into a chick...and then I pushed the chick off the edge at the end...
Some things:
- It would be cool if the egg actually hatched at the end to reveal the chick instead of it standing beside the still-formed egg that I used to push my "trophy" off the ledge.
- A banana ticker to keep track of how many bananas you've collected so far
- Sometimes I would go to jump and it wouldn't register - not sure if it's on my end. It wasn't an often occurrence and didn't really hinder gameplay to the extent I couldn't finish the game.

I'm not sure if I *get* this game, but I get this game. I could read the text to the extent that I knew what was going on, which I think was the point. Was there a deeper reason you chose to illustrate the concept using the scrambled text?
Is the ending when all the candles blow out? I was expecting a jump scare so I stopped after the girl disappeared.

Ohhhh, then it makes sense that I died. The trap worked. Thanks for your reply!

Hi! I found this through the B&W Jam. The concept of collecting and killing monsters by luring them into a trap is cool. I was wondering if the fire-flowers (the things when you stand close they seem to bloom) were supposed to also kill the monsters? When I tried to lure them, they killed me instead. I thought maybe the hit box was too small, or do you have to do something special for the flowers to do damage?

I love this concept!! So fun

I LOVE this visual novel. The art is adorable and the dialogue was informative yet interesting. It instantly pulled me in. One thing I did notice was a small typo - Act 2, when they're at the Limit, Ode says "what bandit what do that?" when I think you meant "what bandit would do that?" Anyways, I can't wait for the next Act! 

Definitely needs a flashing lights warning. It was so much fun using the jelly physics. I've never experienced any platformer like it and it was really satisfying. I'm conflicted with this game because I seriously love the concept and playing it was so relaxing, but then you get to the end levels and that changes (not being specific as to not give spoilers). It's like it was made complex in that way for no reason, even if the effect and concept was cool. It did give it a little something extra so I can't hate on it, but I missed the relaxed feeling I got in earlier levels.

I loved this game, but I think I ran out of fish? Is it correct to assume there isn't enough fish to buy anything worth 1200 if you bought other things beforehand? Maybe I'm just bad at looking...
Anyways, I loved the graphics of this game and it was so calming. I was really glad there was no health or stamina or anything to hinder my search for fish. It would be great if there was a release with an "endless" mode as people have been suggesting that respawns the fish, but I actually enjoyed the concept that I could empty the ocean and eventually catch all the fish. 

This game is so cute and I love the color scheme! I wish there was a way to save even though it's a short game so I can keep looking for the cards later. It would also be cool if there was a way to keep track of achievements, especially when talking with villagers.

I loved this, I wished it was longer! It was relaxing and I loved the art.

You did such a great job of illustrating the mental 'monsters'. There was also a point where it tells you, "you can't jump that high, so don't even try." and because I initially missed the jump I actually believed the character wasn't able to jump that high and almost gave up, which really struck a chord with me. The scene with the depression hall was also really good. thanks for making this!