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The demo was great, I really enjoyed it!

Love the descriptions!

Exciting news :))

That was amazing. I just kept smiling and smiling during the whole playthough. What a lovely little universe you have managed to create.

That's amazing! :)

THANK YOU! That's just what I needed!

I am so excited!! Every time I get a notif I know it's a day closer to having the DLC <3

Sounds good! :)

Just played the demo.

The music was great. I love all the custom options at the beginning (I love adding scars to my characters). Having so many ways to interact with other characters makes it feel like the MC is a full person, not just a plain character. The writing style is really good and instantly recognizable from the previous game. A lovely demo for what it will surely be a lovelier game.

Yes! :)

// spoilers //

I almost got the true ending during my first playthrough! I'm very excited because that never happens, I was doing a good job up until it came the time to shoot our friend because I was so sad about it that I didn't want to do it haha. I'm excited to check out other endings because my initial reaction was "I am not trusting Felix like at all, he's not going inside the house and definitely not shaking my hand". I think the topic of trauma was dealt with in a realistic manner and I just want to congratulate you for this awesome experience.

Happy new year and thank you for the work and good news <3

I am so excited right now!!! I have no words!!! What a wonderful story you've created, and with the DLCs is like a gift that keeps on giving!!

happy anniversary!! <3

Played chapter 2 and i'm so pumped for chapter 3 <3

The first chapter was amaaazing. Can't wait to play more.

The game is very cute and thought-provoking! I'm always excited to learn about other cultures and other people so I liked how important identity was in this game. The characters love and respect each other so much that I found it instantly enjoyable <3

That was a lovely game, the music and art were perfect, as well as the way grief is handled and how it all ties up together in the last speech of the protagonist. Very short and sweet. As someone who has lost a grandad a couple of months ago, this felt close to home.

The demo was so, so nice! Looking forward to purchasing the game!

Hi! Hope you're doing well! I just wanted to add my two cents after playing the demo. The art is to die for, I really liked the characters, especially the captain and the merman (I gasped when I saw him, I didn't expect him and was pleasantly surprised). I also loved the inclusivity, how I was asked for my pronouns in the game. I would love to play the mobile version, I love VN and as I'm writing this I have two installed in my phone because I love them so much, but they are usually very cisheteronormative, so it makes me wish for more LGBT-friendly content. This is the kind of content I would love to give love to.

Anyway, have a great day and I'll keep an eye on this one :))