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absolutely amazing!

this was so cute i almost cried ;-; really amazing game!

i played the original demo and loved it, so seeing this updated version was amazing! the writing, art, and characters were all excellent, and it was also fun to explore the different variations in the routes — the fact that even more endings will be in the final version is really exciting! i'm totally hooked

i wondered if it would be possible to add an ending tracker/log — i'm pretty sure i got all 9, but i wasn't sure until i counted them off manually. i also wasn't sure if more memories were intended to unlock beyond the first two in the demo since a few more slots were there

thanks for making this, i'm really excited to follow the game's development! ^^

such a spooky atmosphere! the sfx really help sell it, and i love the glitchy visuals too 

this was soooo cute! it had such a perfect blend of fluff, drama, and humor—every conversation between hana and riley was a treat, and the endings were so sweet!! easily one of my favorite yuri vns

super excited for this—i can't wait to play!

this was so cute! i have such a huge soft spot for retro-styled games, and i was basically grinning the whole way through as i played—super excited to see where it goes from here!

hi! i just wanted to say that i played through your game and loved it—it hit a great balance between being funny and introspective/emotional (and i definitely teared up so many times) thank you for making this!