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a bit confusing

no longer works it seems :(

doesn't work

Caesar I'm on my way back to you!

will there be a version for mac? pleaaase

Mac version doesn't work. Can you update?

I see it. Thank you so much! I'm excited to play this

Can't find where to open the game on Mac

very cool concept but it crashed when i was about to make the guac

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it's always the best projects that get cancelled 

This is absolutely amazing!

my heart!!! this is incredible

Thanks for the update and notice about this! I hope all goes well for everyone and for any future projects that may not even be thought of yet.

lmao this looks like it'll be fun from what I've played

This was pretty fun!

Your sense of humor is incredible! Soooo excited for the full release of this game. It's become a ritual to check on updates at least every two weeks.

Done. Thank you so much for your help! The game is incredible so far btw!

It says:

An exception has occured

While running game code:

(game code information)

Full traceback:

Basically it's saying that no save location is found and I don't believe that's your game's fault because it's happened on other renpy games as well. I'm just unsure of how to fix the error.

Very fun game but I can't save it for some reason. There's always an error popping up.

Hahaha, you're welcome!

I definitely like the concept of this. I'm looking forward to the full release

Definitely looking forward to the finished product!