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I really enjoyed this. Combat was well-balanced and friendly without being dull. The story was nicely done and it has me hankering for more mini-RPGs in this vein.

I quite enjoyed this! Combat felt nice and friendly while still being engaging and the story was nicely done. Really makes me wish there were more of these kind of mini-RPGs.

This was legit one of the most viscerally satisfying experiences I've had with a game in a while. Can't remember the last time when the last battle in a game was both that intense and heart-pounding. Had to catch my breath after I finished this. Great stuff!

I haven't really experienced Higurashi so I don't have deep feelings about Rena but this was really satisfying and good.

Had a really nice time with this!

Finally got around to playing this and as someone who's attempted to make games and never managed to finish them due to fears of failure, I really needed this!

Loved this so much! Really striking and thought provoking.