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i did it then i lost my data but the dev helped!

Thanks! i thought my data was gone forever

hey funny not so funny story i didnt know what would happen if i clicked restart campaign and i lost all my data any idea if i can get it back if not could you put a warning for other players or a "are you really sure you wanna remove all data"

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nice i got everything in the gallery good tetris game not too hard either but still hard especially that last mini game 


nice ill play it right now

i found it nice

i agree

i saw everyone saying that you dont jump high enough but it jumped high enough for me maybe you need to hold the key i finished the game it was hard but not sans level

try using only rock ive seen many people doing this it worked for me 1st try

i cant find the C:\Users\"pcname"\AppData\Local\M folder can you show a video of where to find it i only found the file the option file and the game itself

is there a way to unlock the gallery without playing the game ive tried many times to do it legit but the pro levels are just too hard

the pinned message isnt the console commands anymore

I wanted to play the game all over again but if I interact with a plant girl in the plant temple I get a message that says Failed to load:img/faces/plant%20girl.png is this only a problem for me or do other people have it to? and if so does anyone know how to fix it

is there a way to know what she does next or is it completely random

i cant load it either it says failed load mono or somethin